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Mass Effect Producer Seeking Fans’ Feedback – Prequel or Sequel?

Once again, the producer behind Mass Effect reaches out to the fan community to help decide the fate of the next game in the series.

Casey Hudson has asked the fans for help on a couple of other decisions already via his Twitter account, but today he asked one of the biggest questions yet: Should the next game be a sequel or a prequel.

Considering the events of the trilogy, would it be too difficult to set up the next game as a sequel? The Reapers caused some serious damage to the galaxy, but otherwise what could be a bigger threat than them? The galaxy has been altered forever, so would it really feel like another Mass Effect game?

Conversely, a prequel faces some issues as well. If it’s set a bit too late in the timeline, i.e too close to the events of the trilogy, then the story would be somewhat limited since the events would have to logically conclude in the build-up to the first Mass Effect. Set the story too early though and you face the problem of making it feel like it’s set in the same universe. It would be difficult to set it in a time before the discovery of the Citadel and make it feel like it’s still a Mass Effect game.