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Black Ops 2 Yemen Map Strategy Guide

The small island city of Yemen offers intense conflict in an urban environment. Yemen offers the game’s most maze-like urban map, with plenty of twists and elevation changes. The center of the map is a dip downward, and buildings surround your every move down the streets.

Playing team modes in Yemen requires tight team communication and situational awareness. A lot of Yemen’s traffic is directed through the center, but there are a few outer routes that are slow, but safer than the central routes.

The long lines of sight and sniper positions make long-range combat a great choice. Using the LMG in conjunction with an SR can have a devastating effect if you control the vantage point between the two hotspots.

Some of the narrower areas will call for CQC setups, though. The winding, maze-like geography of the map makes it a good place for setting traps, so carry a lot of explosives and prepare for them accordingly.

The northern hotspot takes place along a winding road with a dangerous bridge that you can fall from if not careful. Long lines of sight favor AR and LMG players, but the vantage points and cover places make CQC combat still possible.

The southern hotspot is also in the sight lines of bullets flying from the northern hotspot, as well as a vantage point with eyes on both. It’s very narrow rocky enclosure makes it difficult to do battle in, especially when dodging bullets from the long path to the west.

Vantage Points
The northeastern building offers two vantage points that over look the narrow path ways below. These are key areas for people bypassing the hotspots. The inconspicuous building above the rocks in the southern hotspot is a fantastic area to set up camp and take some pot shots at all the people fighting in both hotspots.

A person holed up in there with Proximity Mines, and a Trophy System can do quite a bit of damage. The building in the southeast provides medium-long coverage on the road below, as well as on the adjacent building. The ledge of the adjacent structure is a good spot for taking down targets with an LMG and Target Finder.

The blue car in the southeast corner where the respawn point is offers a long, but obstructed, view of the road ahead. The truck near the center of the map just a few meters shy of the northern hotspot is a great area to pick off people fighting in the northern and southern hotspots without getting too involved in the chaos yourself.

Watch out for guys hiding here. The building in the northeast just shy of the pile of rocks offers a view out into the main road that is perfect for picking off stragglers.

Sniper Perch
The first sniper perch is on top of the walkway leading east from the far west side of the map. You access it by ladder, and what you give up in terms of security in the rear, you gain in terms of coverage on the southern hotspot and surrounding areas.

The second sniper perch is located directly across the map to the east, and offers a bead on the road traveling into the northern hotspot.

Flag Routes
Despite the maze-like feel of Yemen, the main CTF routes are pretty straightforward. The first travels north and bypasses the two central hotspots. This route sticks to the outlying north regions and flanks.

The second route travels through the south and stays along the outline of the southern portion of the map to the flag on either side.

The third takes main road through the center, and can either remain outside or can move indoors and through to the flag on the opposite side.

Demolition Bomb Sites
The first demolition bomb site is in between the two northeastern vantage points in the CQC area adjacent the northern hotspot. The second is slightly west the southern hotspot in the main road. The overtime site is located directly in the northern hotspot.

You may be inclined to use an Assault Shield when acting as the planter, but remember that only your pistol in hand will allow you to move at full speed. Also, you lose range for security, so use the maze-like city to your advantage.

Use a massive Loadout of explosives and grenades when defending. Also, use Engineer for Perk 3 to locate enemy Tactical Insertions and Equipment, as well as CUAV.

The first domination control point is in the main road on the eastern side of the map. The second is in the northern hotspot. The third is in the barren area on the northwestern side of the map. When assaulting the flag, use a Loadout with Target Finder or MMS to find campers in the busyness in the streets.

Use Scavenger and plenty of grenades to clear out enemy camps and still have plenty of fight left over. When defending a position, use an AR with Toughness to keep your distance and put CQC players at a disadvantage. Ignore hostile automated Scorestreaks with Blind Eye.

Search and Destroy
The first bomb site is located behind the northern-most building. The second site is in the southern hotspot adjacent the rocks. The bomb is located at the end of the main road on the southeastern side. When on offense, use Loadouts with Lightweight to duck in and out of firefights quickly.

Also try using Toughness to give your accuracy an edge in close combat in the city alleys. On defense, use Loadouts that that allow you to post up and build a bunker.