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Black Ops 2 Standoff Map Strategy Guide

Standoff is a border town in Kyrgystan. It’s a small, urban map with several buildings and connections between different areas that equal quite a bit of in-your-face confrontations. Juxtaposing the close quarter combat are the open streets in Standoff. The streets provide great lines of sight for those who prefer long-distance combat.

Due to the amount of ninety-degree corners and sharp turns, be on your toes for traps. The streets in Standoff are extremely deadly, especially when faced with opponents toting LMGs or sniper rifles.

Avoid the streets by sticking to buildings and back alleys. If you have to cross the street, move quickly and use cover to block enemy line of sight.

Use the LMG if you’re planning to stay in the outdoor areas with long stretches of street. You’ll have clear lines of sight down the wester and eastern most streets, as well as to the north and south. Playing the interiors, though, an assault rifle will be your best bet, as you can switch between close-medium and medium-long combat easily.

The northern hotspot takes place in the middle of the street. There are clear lines of sights from both the east and west ends, as well as from the buildings north of it, making this one road you don’t want to cross. The western hotspot happens in the main road south of the statue in the middle of the street.

It also offers a clear long line of sight, but without the vantage points that make travelers of it akin to fish in a barrel. The central hotspot is a different beast altogether, mixing a narrow indoor environment with an enclose outdoor space. This is a good place for CQC equipped players, so watch out.

Vantage Points
The vantage point in the north eastern building adjacent the farm respawn point provides a clear line of sight directly into the northern hotspot in the main road.

The vantage point in the building on the west side of the farm offers two sight lines: the first overlooks the farm and the adjacent building and road; the second provides a clear shot into the main road leading from the western hotspot.

The tank in the northwest offers some nice front coverage to take out enemies coming west from the northern hotspot. Your eastern flank is vulnerable, however, to those coming through the western hotspot.

The tank in the southwestern corner tank is another position to take hold and shoot people leaving the western hotspot. The vantage point in the southwestern building provides a view on the less-traveled part of the main road, and on the traffic into the restaurant below.

Sniper Perch
The sniper perch in the northern section sees directly into the western hotspot, and also covers quite a bit of the northern hotspot. There’s quite a few doorways and narrow enclosures that make flanking this sniper easy, so explosives are almost guaranteed.

The second sniper perch is located in the southwestern building adjacent the tank. This spot also covers the western hotspot, but is usually less active than the other sniper perch.

Flag Routes
The three routes between the northeast and southwest flags are as follows: the first goes along the western wall and bypasses the map’s hot zones to flank or hit head on.

The second travels the main road, hiding behind cover in the center hotspot, and moves straight for the flag. The third flows to the east, behind the center buildings and around the hotspots into the flag.

Demolition Bomb Sites
The first demolition site is in the main road adjacent the tank in the northwest. The second is in the center hotspot. The overtime site is located in the main road between the two tanks on the west side of the map. When planting the bomb, use a Loadout that allows you to defend your team.

Try an LMG with Target Finder and a secondary SMAW or FHJ-18. If you’re defending, try using a Loadout with an LMG or SR and a mix of explosives.

The first domination control point is in the main road in the southern-most portion of the map, next to the respawn point. The second is in the center of the road between the two western tanks. The third is in the farm in the northeast corner of the map.

When assaulting the flag, use a Loadout with a burst-fire AR and RPG, along with UAV, Hunter Killer and CUAV. When defending a position, use the LMG or semi-auto/burst AR with an ACOG sight.Also, Guardian, a Stealth Chopper, Warthog, Escort Drone, or VSAT should work to your advantage.

Search and Destroy
The first bomb site is located west adjacent the northern tank on the west side of the map. The second is near the southern central building. The bomb is located in the northeast farm.

When on offense, use Toughness to give you an edge in firefights, as well as Extreme Conditioning to quickly move from place to place. On defense, try out Score-streaks such as RCXD, UAV, CUAV, Hunter Killer Care Package, or Guardian.