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Black Ops 2 Slums Map Strategy Guide

Slums takes place in the rundown backstreets of Panama City, with tons of close-range encounters flowing from a centralized plaza, which is the brutal area in the center of the map. Slums is more asymmetrical than most maps in the game, but there are still differences at the east and west ends to be aware of.

The narrow lanes and sharp corners of Slums makes it a great place to position proximity mines and turrets, so watch out. Be prepared with Engineer and Equipment to dismantle the enemy traps.

The long lines of sight make this map particularly good for LMG users, but there are many cramped areas where teams skilled at controlling the flow of the map will be able to pressure LMG users into.

If so, switch to an AR and play a good close-medium to medium-long game.

The central hotspot is a bevy of activity, with people coming in from all sides due to the more than five ways of entry. The hotspot itself takes place around a statue that breaks up the line of sight in the center. Other than the statue, the area provides some fairly long sight lines.

The cemetery to the west, however, is extremely cramped. It’s one of the place in competition for those going in and hot of the hotspot, so be weary of knives and shotguns. The second hotspot takes place in front of the Barberia east of the center hotspot. It’s a cramped area with minimal cover.

Vantage Points
The respawn point in front of the tienda in the northeast also hosts a vantage point that sees for a long distance into the street leading from behind the northern hotspot.

The statue in the central hotspot yields a 360-degree view of the entire area, where crouching and keen awareness can make it a formidable spot to hold down. Another vantage point is behind the Padre Nuestro En Memoria in the center hotspot.

The protruding sides provide cover while you fire at the west and east entrances. The burnt police vehicle in the street east of the center hotspot is a good cover area with a long line of sight for taking out unsuspecting travelers.

The stairs east of the Barberia hotspot are another vantage point overlooking the path of grass further east close to one of the map’s respawn points.

The dumpster in the south, just off center and below the Barberia hotspot, has a long line of sight perfect for LMG users. The three vantage points in the east are capable of locking down the entire east section.

In the southwestern corner, just next to Maria’s, there’s an enclosure adjacent a blue van that provides LMG-worthy lines of sight. You can quickly switch from there to a vantage point behind the refrigerator and van to lock down the southwestern corner.

Flag Routes
The most dangerous route to take in CTF is the one that drives directly through the center. This goes through the map’s only two hotspots and can either go head-on or flank from the north or south.

A lesser dangerous route, but dangerous, nonetheless, travels along the north walls of the map, through the central hotspot and flanks from the north. The safest route is along the souther-most half of the map, allowing you to flank from the south.

Demolition Bomb Sites
The first demolition bomb site is located in the CQC prone area south of the central hotspot. The second is located in the northern-most center position of the map. It is also in one of the map’s vantage points.

The overtime bomb site is located in the in the center hotspot. When planting the bomb, use a Loadout with an LMG, or an AR to keep your movement speed up. If you’re defending, use a Loadout with a long-range distance to provide cover over the bomb site, or a launcher to stop encroachers dead in their tracks.

The first domination control point is located in the grass area on the southeastern portion of the map. The second is in the central hotspot, and the third is found in the checkered floor area in the northwest. When assaulting the flag, use a Loadout that allows you medium or long-range, depending on your style of play.

If you’re a lone wolf kind of player, an AR with Sight, Suppressor, and Fast Mag and perks including Ghost and/or Hardline, Scavenger, Dexterity and/or Dead Silence is a good setup. When defending a position, use a long-range weapon with Overkill to carry a secondary AR.

Search and Destroy
The first bomb site is located east adjacent the cemetery south of the center hotspot. The second is in the northern center of the map. The bomb is found on the main road on the far west side of the map, near one of the respawn points.

When on offense, choose a medium-long range weapon and a second Perk 3 based on your style. On defense, use Loadouts to counter enemy UAV or CUAV coverage, such as an FHJ-18 and Ghost, and Hard Wired.