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Black Ops 2 Raid Map Strategy Guide

Raid takes place in an expansive modern mansion, broken up by multiple mini-battlefields, including a central garden, pool, basketball court, and several small mansion rooms.

The entrances in and out of each area are prime combat zones, so stay alert to your surroundings. The divided areas are connected by a myriad of routes that can lead to flanks from unexpected directions. Use them to your advantage, but be weary of them as well.

The Chicom CQB is a great weapon for Raid, because it is handy in the many explosive close quarter combat you’ll find yourself in, but also shoots in bursts for accurate medium-long distances. Everything in this level is pretty tight, or obstructed, so make sure you’re prepared for CQC at all times.

The center hotspot is a traditional one, with four entrances that lead to several other sections of the map. Your best bet is to sprint through or completely avoid the area. The large tree in the center breaks up the line of sight just enough to allow people to escape death, but the hallways to the north and south are both extremely tight CQC areas where people will be looking to pick off players escaping from the center.

The monument on the eastern side is another dangerous hotspot providing loads of cover from the eight obstructions breaking up line of sight. It’s easy to get killed by enemies ducking behind cover, as you won’t see them until it’s too late.

Vantage Points
The first vantage point is located in the western pool area. The poolside bar overlooks the pool, and provides an angle on hall leading into the central hotspot. It’s also a good place to get flanked or grenade’d.

The room overlooking the hot tub and pool is another vantage point, providing an arial view of the action below. You can get up there by the jump point in front of the window or by stairs in the back.

If you follow the wooden path from the pool area to the north, it’ll lead you to a blue car parked in front of the garage. Here you can get a nice shot on the action traveling from and to the eastern hotspot. The building northwest adjacent the monument center hotspot provides a clear vantage over the obstructions, making it deadly.

The yellow Lamborghini in front of the monument hotspot is an unsecured vantage point with a 360 view from the ground. The building facing south of the monument also provides a vantage point on the entire area.

Basketball Court
The basketball court is a wide-open area due south of the pool. In the south western-most corner, it’s a route that is travelled by people looking to flank or get around the hotspots. People sitting in the corner of the court have long lines of sight on travelers, so be on your toes

Flag Routes
The three routes between the north flag and the south flag follow the traditional methods. The first route is a direct run through the center of the map. The second goes around the buildings and alongside the pool on the west to flank from behind. The third goes around the eastern monument hotspot and also flanks the flag from behind.

Demolition Bomb Sites
The first bomb site is directly in front of the pool on the west side of the map. The second is located in the outlying west portions of the eastern monument. The overtime site is located directly next to the second bomb site. When planting the bomb, use a CQC Loadout with a strong secondary weapon.

An EMP or Sensor Grenade should work wonders in the narrow halls. If you’re defending, use a Loadout with double frags and double concussion or flash bangs. Playing team support, use medium range weapon with a sight and FMJ. If going into the fray, think about adding a grenade launcher to your Loadout.

The first control point can be found in the southern-most region of the map. The second is on the outside of the eastern monument. The third is just a few feet south of the northern garage. When assaulting the flag, use a Loadout with an SMG and Extended Clip and Laser Sight. When defending a position, use a full-auto AR and a Trophy System.

Search and Destroy
The first bomb site is found in front of the western pool, adjacent the hot tub. The second is in the hall leading to the eastern monument. The bomb is located a few feet south of the northern garage. When on offense, use Loadouts with Dead Silencer and an SMG with an attachment.

On defense, use Loadouts that enable you to get to the bomb site fast, such as Lightweight and Extreme Conditioning. Use Claymore, Bouncing Betty, or Shock Charge to support your position.