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Black Ops 2 Plaza Map Strategy Guide

Plaza takes place on a tourist paradise in the Indian Ocean. The resort is broken up into two major areas: the storefront buildings on the northwest and southeast, and a club in the center of the map.

The map’s center is the most dangerous, with four discreet routes that connect to the largest center pathway and raised platform, a notorious hotspot. The rooftops on the side of the northwest and southeast buildings have multiple cover areas that could be shielding snipers.

If you avoid the open areas and stick to the interiors, such as the club, you’ll have no problem pulling off the shotgun, or even running with all perks and just a knife. If you accidentally find yourself in the open areas, however, you’re gonna find yourself, well, bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Using CQC setups may work for some, but in order to control the hotspots you’re going to need a weapon with a good medium to long range. ARs and SRs work well, and give you the distance you need to remain threatening from your vantage point.

The south-eastern hotspot in the Colossus Resort open area before the d’Bo building is a cramped area with a broken line of sight. You also have to watch out for people shooting from the top of the Gele building. The north eastern center section of the map features a couple of intense hotspots.

The first is located in the club, Luna. Here you’ll find very cramped spaces that are particularly good for knives. The second is in the atrium outside, with the flow of combat coming in all directions and different elevated points thanks to the stairs and surrounding vantage points.

The western hotspot is located on the opposite side of the d’Bo building, and is on top of the Dales building, which is set up identical to the roof of Gele.

Vantage Points
The top of the Gele building offers two great views on the stairs leading from the Luna hotspot and on the d’Bo building hotspot. The top of this vantage point can be accessed from the front by jump point and from the back by ladder, so watch out for proximity mines.

The top of the Dales building on the other side of the d’Bo, offers the same structure and views (but from the opposite side) as the Gele vantage point. The hotspot in the center of the map has two nice vantage points at the top of each staircase. They offer pretty long sights of view as well.

Sniper Perch
Sniper positions can be found on top of the Gele and Dales building respectively. These buildings provide control of three of the map’s hotspots, so if you’re playing in teams, look to hold down these sniper perches to control the flow of traffic in the center of the map.

Flag Routes
There are three routes across the map from flag to flag. From the flag in the north, traveling along the east wall, through the Luna club and around the side of the Gele building. The second goes straight through the center hotspot. The third runs along behind the Dales building and either behind or through the d’Bo building to the side of Gele.

Demolition Bomb Sites
The first demolition bomb site is in the Luna club. The second is on the west side of the d’Bo building. The overtime site is in the center hotspot. When planting the bomb, use a Loadout that enables you to move swiftly and undetected. If you’re defending, use a Loadout with a strong close-medium range.

The first control point is in the northern-most section, adjacent Dales and the Info center. The second is in the central hotspot. The third is found adjacent Gele.

When assaulting the flag, use a Loadout including Perk 1 Greed so you can have both Ghost and Flak Jacket to protect from explosives of defenders. When defending a position, use either an SMG or AR with a grenade launcher, a secondary launcher, and double lethal grenades.

Search and Destroy
The first bomb site is in the Luna club. The second is south of Dales. The bomb is found in the northern-most section of the map. When on offense, use Loadouts including Lightweight and Extreme Condition, as well as an SMG or AR with your ideal attachment.

On defense, use Loadouts with Flak Jacket, Toughness or Awareness. Your main weapon should have a good close to medium range, and plenty of explosives to boot.