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Black Ops 2 Overflow Map Strategy Guide

Overflow is a complex map located in a recently flooded Pakistani city. The map mixes outdoor combat with interior combat for a varied play style accented by narrow alleys, thin walls, and jump point vantage spots The Riverside debris throughout the streets also serves as cover, blocking lines of sight.

Because of these conditions, there is a mix of long and open sight lines, and close quarter engagement. Overflow is broken up into three areas: a northern walkway that leads behind a few buildings you can enter for cover; a central street with broken sight lines; and a southeastern area by the river featuring multiple interior areas and an muddy open field. “This is a really great map for Search and Destroy,” according to Treyarch’s David Vonderharr.

“It’s actually my favorite Search and Destroy map in the game — but it obviously plays well in loads of game modes. This is a really classic-style Call of Duty map: three paths, one down the left, centre and right. What’s important here is that you do not let yourself get flanked.”

With plenty of areas to hide and take cover, you can’t go wrong with an assault rifle. Plenty of vantage points overlooking the hotspots also make the assault rifle a great choice.

If you’re planning on trading interior and exterior combat a lot, go for the SMG, as you’ll have a great close range as well as a decent medium range, well-suited for this map.

With that said, the long lines of sight make Overflow perfect for the LMG, particularly one equipped with a Target Finder as it makes it that much easier to pick enemies out from all the clutter in the level.

Of course, you could use the Overkill Wildcard and go with a combination of both the AR and LMG. Switch to the AR when traveling through the narrow alleys and in buildings, then use the LMG when shooting from windows or aiming down long lines of sight in the streets.

The southern hotspot found near the boat offers a change of pace from the largely outdoorsy level. The ruins provide a quasi-interior setup where you have plenty of cover, but then also several weak spots from torn-down walls. The central hotspot takes place in the middle of the main city street, with plenty of opportunities for long shots from the ends of the street or from pot shots above.

The hotspot overlooking the central hotspot in the window of the building with the wreckage in front is a devastating area is held down properly. From here you can use your LMG to mow down people fighting in the street below. Set it up properly with a Trophy System and some proximity mines to guard your back.

Vantage Points
The first vantage point overlooks the southern hotspot from the west, and is located in an alley underneath the fruit sign. If most of the players are battling in the southern hotspot, this is good spot to sit for second and take pot shots.

It’s easy to get flanked from the alley to the north so don’t expect to hold it down too long. Another vantage point is in the wrecked boat in the western portion of the Main Street.

From here you can get some decent looks on traffic flowing in and out of the central hotspot, but it’s easy to get taken out from behind. There’s another vantage point in the abandoned market adjacent the wrecked ship vantage point, which doesn’t provide much coverage of the area, but is a decent pace to plant mines and pick off stragglers. In the north corner on the west side of the map is an empty fountain.

From here you can get eyes on people avoiding the hotspots or who are looking to take advantage of the vantage point in the northern hotspot. The vantage point in the northern hotspot overlooks the pile of wreckage in the street adjacent the central hotspot.

It’s a very deadly area where you can potentially rack up a load of kills and Scorestreaks. The other end of the northern back alley provides a view of the street leading into the hotspot vantage point.

Flag Routes
Three routes lead the way to either flag. The first goes north and runs along the back alley behind the northern hotspot and flanks from the west. The second goes directly up the main road, through the hotspot and attacks head-on. The third goes south through the southern hotspot and around the buildings to either flank from the east or deviate back onto the main road for a head on capture.

Demolition Bomb Sites
The first bomb site is located in the Main Street just south of the central hotspot. The second is in the southern hotspot before entering the ruins. The overtime site is adjacent to the wreckage outside the northern hotspot’s window.

When planting the bomb, use a Loadout consisting of an AR or LMG with Flak Jacket, and lethal and tactical equipment that lets you covertly plant the bomb. If you’re defending, use a loadout with an AR and a Launcher or an LMG with a Target Finder.

The first control point is in the northern corner at the end of the main road. The second is in the central hotspot. The third is in the southern most corner at the end of the main road.

When assaulting the flag, use a Loadout with Extended Clip and Laser Sight for good movement. When defending a position, use an LMG with Target Finder or Dual Band or Semi-Auto/Burst AR with Target Finder or ACOG Sight.

Search and Destroy
The first bomb site is located in the east between the building adjacent the southern ship and the building north of that. The second one is in the central hotspot. The bomb itself can be found in the western-most corner at one of the respawn points.

When on offense, use Loadouts with both an AR and LMG. Use perks such as Awareness and Extreme Conditioning. On defense, use Loadouts that make you harder to kill and deadly with explosives.