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Black Ops 2 Meltdown Map Strategy Guide

A Pakistani nuclear plant is the site of Meltdown, and it is marked by intense battle over a central dividing line. Much of Meltdown’s combat takes place along the west and east lines, with several choice routes to travel into the center of the map. The varied structure in both the exterior and interiors of Meltdown provide different types of cover to take advantage of.

There are several close encounters in Meltdown, but there is quite a bit of medium to long-range combat as well, so choose your weapon wisely. As an active player, I find that a lightweight MSMG with a laser sight, and without a secondary weapon, provides the movement and accuracy needed for this level. But again, it all depends on your particular play style.

Because of the map’s mix of close to medium-range encounters, I find a good setup is to use two primary weapons, one an AR and the other and SMG. Make sure to use the Fast Hands perk because you’re going to do a lot of weapon switching, as well as QuickDraw Handles on both guns.

The center hotspot takes place right in the middle if the map above the raised central platform in the south. Battle here takes place in an uphill-downhill fashion, with many quick getaway routes through the alleys north and south into the platform.

Be weary climbing the steep incline into the hotspot, as you’re a prime candidate to getting hit with pot shots from kill farmers from long range.

Most of the map’s action will gravitate around this centralized hotspot, so watch out for flanking movements through the north and south. The second hotspot is located to the north of the central hotspot.

This northern hotspot mostly catches the bounce back from the centralized hotspot, and features a totally different style of play than the center due to the large obstruction from west to east.

Vantage Points
The Anka building in the west offers two prime spots in the same upper-level room. The first is at the window facing northeast. This vantage point overlooks the building marked “3” and puts eyes on traffic below caused by foes attempting to bypass the central hotspot.

The window facing east puts eyes clear over the central hotspot, making it perfect for picking off people when an intense ground battle is occurring.

The next vantage point is found overlooking the northern hotspot by the steps in the hotspots north western-most area. From here you can get good looks directly across the platform, but the obstructions make it difficult for any significant viewpoint.

On the exact opposite side is another vantage point with the same, but opposing, view point as the other. Building 3 puts a bead on the two vantage points in the Anka building adjacent to it, as well as provides a line of sight around the corner leading from one of Meltdown’s respawn points.

The vantage point in building 4 can be accessed from the outside by a jump point. This vantage point overlooks the 55 Control building, as well as the corner of the street leading from the other respawn point. And finally, there’s the vantage point in 55 Controls, which puts eyes on the Anka building as well as the “B” building to the north.

Sniper Perch
The Anka building in the west is also prime for sniping, giving you a direct view of not only the central hotspot, but of the other bird’s nest direct in front in the building marked “55 Control.” There’s also a sniper’s perch in the 55 Control building which offers the same views but on the opposing side.

Central Platform
The raised central platform is one of the most dangerous areas in Meltdown. It sits directly in the line of sights of the two prime sniping locations, making you the bait on which the campers thrive. Only travel through here if you need to get somewhere fast, or if you are totally forced this way.

Flag Routes
There are three routes that travel between the two flags on the west and east. The first route detours north to avoid the ruthless center hotspot, goes through the not-as-treacherous northern hotspot and down the alley to flank the flag. The second route takes you right into the belly of the beast that is the central hotspot, following the street into a head-on collision with the opposing team’s flag.

The third travels through the south, around the central platform in the south and flanks the flag from the bottom of the map.

Demolition Bomb Sites
The first demolition bomb site is in the central platform, making it a spot for snipers to lurk around the upper levels. The second one is located in the northern hotspot. The overtime site is smacked in the middle.

When planting the bomb, use a Loadout with an SMG with Extended Clip or Laser Sight if possible. You should also carry some concussion grenades. If you’re defending, use a Loadouts with an AR and a Launcher.

The first domination control point is in the western-most alley. The second is right in the center of the map. And the third is symmetrical to the first on the east side of the map. When assaulting the flag, use a Loadout that lets you move quickly and offer precision.

When defending a position, use a Loadout consisting of a LMG, SR, or a combination of both for versatility. Bring at least one kind of explosive into the field with you as well.

Search and Destroy
The first bomb site is located in the central platform. The second is located in the northern hotspot. The bomb is found in alley in the far east center. When on offense, use a Loadout that has quick movement.

Great creative, go without a primary weapon if you think it’ll help! Use perks such as Scavenger and Tactical Mask. On defense, use a Loadout with a Flak Jacket, Trophy System or the Tactician wildcard.