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ZombiU Multiplayer Zombies Tactics Guide – How To Kill

Zombie king (King Boris) in ZombiU can summon different types of the undead with distinct abilities. Each of these types will cost differently and since the resources are always limited, a single type cannot be spammed, and hence a balance is maintained.

Whether you are playing as zombies or the survivors, one should know the basics about these infected, which can help in devising attacking as well as defensive strategies.

Following is the types of infected you will come across in ZombiU:

Cost: 10 Points

Grunts are important as they will be used to capture the flags in Assault mode. If you are a survivor and want to reduce the rate of capture the flag, you should take out these bad boys. Since they are expensive, the enemy won’t be able to spawn many of them and hence the rate of flag capture will automatically be reduced.

As King Boris, one should try to use rewards (to increase the resources and points) to spawn more Grunts in short time. The Lockdown reward can be very useful in spawning process of grunts as no flag will be captured during the Lockdown period.

Cost: 3 Points

Guards have the ability to detect and then attack the survivors in a particular radius. These infected are least of worries for the survivors as they are weak and don’t actively pursue the enemies.

King Boris, on the other hand, can use them to guard a particular way point. As zombie king, you should not try to spawn them in groups and keep them separated as they can be easy targets to grenades.

Cost: 4 Points
Unlike the guards, hunters can detect the survivors’ position throughout the map, and they pursue them actively. As a survivor, you should try to aim for the head to do the maximum damage. If you are using a SMG or a shotgun, try moving towards the target slowly while shooting to increase the damage. If you are using a semi-automatic weapon, try firing it in short bursts and aim for the upper part of the zombie body.

As King Boris, if your opponents are clever enough to dodge the guards, you can make use of the hunters to attack them throughout the map. They can be quite persistent and can easily become your favorite zombies to spawn.

Armored Guard
Cost: 10 Points

The guard has a sort of armor that makes it quite hard to kill. As a survivor, you only need to target the head as body shots won’t make any difference. And yes, one head shot won’t be sufficient so you will have to do it multiple times. The best way to take them out is either through a grenade, or you can make use of the mines.

On the other hand, Armored Guards are the perfect defenders, especially the flags. A couple of these guards can protect the captured flags for longer duration and turn the match into zombies’ favor. They can also be used as tanks to absorb damage from the survivor turrets.

Cost: 8
You can call them the faster and the stronger versions of the hunters. Fast moving zombies are always a pain for the survivors. Whenever you face them, be patient and try to make your hits count rather than wasting too many bullets. For King Boris, sprinters work great when the survivors are occupied by other zombies like guards or the simpler version of the hunters.

Explosive Hunter
Cost: 7 Points

These infected explode when hit on the body other than head. As a survivor, you can use this property tactically, but it will require you some shooting skills. Shoot them on the body when they are surrounded by other zombies as the explosion will also do damage to their allies. When Head on, don’t risk it and try to aim for the head.

King Boris can use these hunters cleverly specially against those who don’t differentiate between different zombie types. Usually, the survivors fight against zombies at short distances so when an explosive hunter enters the mob, it can explode and do a lot of damage. They should work great along the Armored Guards.

Cost: 7 Points

Spits out an acid that can travel some distance damaging both humans and turrets. These acid spills also work like a flash grenade impairing vision for some time. As a survivor, you can’t let the spitters longer as they won’t engage directly and keep creating problems from difference.

For King Boris, Spitters play anchor role to maintain the balance. Since the survivors mostly use ranged attacks, other zombie types can be of limited value. The mixing of spitters with other zombies create more problems for the opposite team.