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Wii U Backend Accidentally Hacked by Gamer

It seems like some wandering gamer has accidentally caught a loop hole in the Wii U system with an odd sort of ‘accidental hack’.

A humble NeoGAF user posted with an unusual title which read, “I think I either hacked the Wii U Miiverse or I am stupid. “

Some 33 pages of replies suggested that the latter bit was incorrect, and that he had indeed actually accidentally hacked the Miiverse.

He managed to get accessed to a secret debug menu, and also have a look at a Japanese prototype Miiverse. Furthermore, the fellow got access to the list of admins, with the apparent power to delete them and change passwords.

Despite temptations and ‘innocent’ requests by fellow users such as “Be evil” or “you are the chosen one, NOW STRIKE WITH THE FURY OF GOD”, the user decided not to meddle in the compromised affairs of the Wii U backend.

However, further exploration has revealed some information which may or may not be true, such as social networks for games like ‘Metal Gear Solid’, ‘Resident Evil’, and also ‘Yoshi’s Land Wii U’.

Nintendo has seemed to have fixed the exploit bug, and stated that the witnessed information was a ‘mock-up’.

Sure, Nintendo. Sure.