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Uncharted: Fight for Fortune Confirmed

The recent rumour of a card-based Uncharted title for PS Vita turned out to be very true indeed.

Confirmed today, Uncharted: Fight For Fortune is officially en route and will be available as early as December 4 for the low price of $5 on PlayStation Vita.

In a strange turn, this title will be a turn-based card game, making a stark contrast to the story driven adventure games that made the series famous.

In the game you’ll create teams of Faction cards all based on characters from the series such as Nathan Drake and Katherine Marlowe. The objective is to use your team to defeat opponent teams whilst also remaining on the defensive in case of enemy attacks. More precise details are yet to be revealed.

It’s also been confirmed that Fight for Fortune will tie in to Uncharted: Golden Abyss, the more traditional Uncharted title on the Vita.

A patch is coming for Golden Abyss that will allow you to use artifacts found within Golden Abyss in Fight For Fortune. A nice bonus for fans of the series.