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Nintendo Land SinglePlayer Attractions Guide – How To Play

Nintendo Land brings with itself vast entertainment in the form of the ever-exciting Attraction mini-games.

These Attraction games utilize the versatility of the console and its peripherals, coming in both singleplayer and multiplayer formats. For more help on Nintendo Land, read our Multiplayer Attractions Guide.

This guide will give you a layout of the singleplayer attractions of NintendoLand. There are six of them, and first up is:

NintendoLand Single-Player Attractions

Balloon Trip Breeze
The Balloon Trip Breeze game is a side-scrolling challenge controlled with the GamePad’s touch screen and its associated stylus. Players are required to get as far as possible in the levels in the aerial obstacle courses. The GamePad screen shows the close-up of the game, while the TV gives the map overview.

In the Balloon Trip Breeze game, you play as a character that flaps his arms to maneuver in an endless obstacle course of hostile spikes. The unique thing about this game is that it tends to scroll from right to left, completely opposite of the conventional left to right scrolling games.

You must avoid the flying spikes so you don’t fall into the water to become a meal for the hostile fish. You use the touch screen to direct your character and get rid of in-the-way obstacles with a tap of your stylus.

You can also interact with other characters in the game, grabbing presents on the way for them and delivering them to get extra points. The characters that incorporate the game are the Mii characters featured in on the player’s Wii U.

Captain Falcon’s Twister Race
This singleplayer Attraction is a classy racing game, except that it has no opponents! Yes, the main objective of the game is to actually survive the race. The game is played with the GamePad, which is held upright and used to guide the high speed vehicle to the finish line.

The game uses gyro sensing of the GamePad, much similar to the mechanism used in racing games for smartphones.

You can have multiple attempts at the race, and your previous attempt will be shown as a ghost trail to give you an idea of your performance.

The GamePad screen will give you the in-front view while racing, but it goes completely dark when you enter tunnels, thus forcing you to look at the TV screen.

Donkey Kong Crash Course
This simplistic game is a singleplayer Attraction that utilizes the classic design of the original Donkey Kong, mixing it with quick and exciting gameplay.

Donkey Kong Crash Course is a very simple game. Using the GamePad, you are required to drive an extremely fragile kart through a course that looks similar to the original Donkey Kong arcade game.

You must try to get to the end of the course without breaking the kart. However, to add to your demise, there are tricks and constrictions on way as well, which require you to carefully maneuver and clear the path ahead.

You will have multiple lives in the game due to its difficulty, and can also collect bananas to gain points.

Octopus Dance
The Octopus Dance is a singleplayer rhythm-based Attraction. You are required to memorize the movements of the characters on the screen, and then act the out using the control sticks or the gyro sensor.

A Diver character will perform 3 dance moves at a time, and once he/she is finished, you are required to repeat the moves with your Mii character.

Every dance phase is rated by a medal, depending on your accuracy and timing. The medals are OK, Good, and Perfect.

If you do a part of a dance wrong, you will lose a heart. The game ends if you lose all the hearts by doing a specific amount of moves wrong. The game is won if you get through the level without losing all the hearts.

Takamaru’s Ninja Castle
This Attraction is based on the Japanese Famicom game. Players are required to launch ninja shurikens at targets.

The game is very simple; you are required to use your GamePad to launch shurikens at the TV screen, which has targets on it.

You must keep the GamePad horizontal to the screen, and then slide the shuriken off the GamePad screen in the direction of the targets on the TV. The faster the swipe, the further the shuriken will go and the greater the speed will be. You can also adjust the angle at which you throw the shuriken by tilting the GamePad.

Your objective is to hit as many of the targets that appear as possible. Some will be partially shielded by obstacles, and will require you to balance between speed, accuracy, and angle of throw. Some enemies are armed and will throw projectiles. There are even bosses in the game.

You can stack up points by hitting multiple enemies with a single shuriken and by other similar bonus maneuvers.

The game will be over if you lose all your hearts (from getting hit by enemy projectiles).

Yoshi’s Fruit Cart
In this singleplayer Attraction, you are required to move a cart towards the goal while collecting fruit along the way. The fruit can only be seen on the TV and not on the GamePad.

You are required to get Yoshi’s cart to a door which only opens if you’ve collected all the fruit on the map. The tricky part of the game is that you must draw the path for his cart on the GamePad with your stylus, but the fruit positions are only visible on the TV.

Hence it requires clever collaboration and pattern making to complete the game easily. This makes it quite an unexpected brain-teaser. You must recognize the environment textures and differences between the two screens to work your way around the map and successfully collect all the available fruits.

If you reach the door without all the fruits, it will not open, and you will lose a life. There are around 50 stages to complete, with each subsequent stage more difficult than the previous one.