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New Super Mario Bros. U Boss Battles Guide

Though bosses haven’t ever been really too strategic in the Super Mario Bros. games, they can get pretty daunting (not to mention frustrating) if you don’t know their routine.

In New Super Mario Bros. U, you will encounter the Koopaling bosses at the end of every world. Each Koopaling has its own castle which you will have to storm in and go through, after which you must combat that Koopaling itself. Of course, there’s good ol’ – err, I mean bad ol’ Bowser himself to look forward to as well.

Read on if you’re having trouble with any of the baddies:

Lemmy Koopa
Lemmy is the first of the Koopaling bosses. He has a very slow projectile attack, and another attack in which he throws bouncing bombs. If you jump on the bomb, it will be ignited. You can also dodge the bombs quite easily. Lemmy himself is standing on a rubber ball. You have to jump on him 3 times to finish the job – the first of the tries should be almost right at the start of the battle.

Morton Koopa
Morton has a giant Pockey from which he’ll be throwing pieces at you with the help of his hammer. You can dodge these easily if you stand at the edge of the platform. You should wait until he pares it down, and then attack him. It’ll take three hits to beat him.

Larry Koopa
Larry Koopa has water spouts coming out here and there. Try to stay on the highest spout, which will put you at a commanding position, with Larry harmlessly bouncing about below you. Hit him three times on his head to do the work.

Wendy Koopa
The problem with Wendy Koopa’s battle isn’t the Koopaling herself, but the environment. You’ll have to watch out for the ice shards more than her attacks. Try to attack her as many times as possible before the ice shards start to fall – this should give you an easier time than otherwise.

Iggy Koopa
Iggy Koopa will have 4 pipes through which he will emerge and/or duck into. Two of these pipes are on the ceiling while two are on the ground. Don’t try to strike him when he is on the ceiling. An extremely important think to keep an eye on is the lava. If you notice a pair of eyes in the lava, try to move into a safer position as lava beasts will attack shortly after. Hit Iggy three times when he emerges from the ground pipes.

Roy Koopa
Roy is quite similar to Larry. Instead of sprouts, Roy will summon two moving platforms. Get to the higher one while avoiding his attacks, and then jump on him three times to do the trick.

Ludwig von Koopa
Ludwig is a little challenging because he summons clones of himself. This makes things tough as all of them attempt to toss their projectiles at you. Position yourself far away from the clones and wait for them to start dropping. The last one to drop is Ludwig himself, and you should jump on him 3 times to do the trick.

The final battle with Bowser has two phases. The first phase is the old-school Bowser fight, in which Bowser stands initially at one end of the bridge with the axe. Avoid his fireballs, and wait for him to jump. Once he does so, sprint (while avoiding him) to the other side and use the axe.

The second phase of the battle will start, in which Bowser Jr. will join the fight, and Bowser will be much larger. The battle gets a whole lot complicated, as you’ll have to avoid the stomping, fire-breathing giant Bowser and also try to stay away from the constant harassment from Bowser Jr. Wait for Bowser Jr. to smash you, and when he tries jump on him to hijack his machine. Once you do so, use it to smash Bowser.

Repeat this procedure three times to finish off the big bad Turtle Dragon.