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LEGO Lord of the Rings Mithril Bricks Locations Guide

Lego Lord of the Rings has a total of 250 Mithril Bricks, most of them come from finishing levels but some of them can be collected in the game. The best way to search for these bricks is to grab the Mithril Brick Finder. It helps you to find the other bricks. You can either find it in the Middle-Earth or use the cheat “B72D7E” in the pause menu’s “Extras” Enter Code option.

Mithril Brick #1
Location. The right side of the inn has a fence which you need to jump on and then use a short character to crawl through the tunnels at the left. They will take you to the brick!

Mithril Brick #2
Location. Turn on the crank of the forge (Blacksmith outdoor machine area) and you’ll get your prize.

Mithril Brick #3
Location. When you have finished the Mines of Moria level, take Legolas and look for a set of blocks on which you can jump on to (in the water) Follow the next set of shooting targets, gaps and poles to cross the distance and reach to the high ledge. Destroy the box up there.

Mithril Brick #4
Location. The same area as the brick #3 has a winding path which leads to the mountains. The right fork there takes you to a round area with two wooden platforms/wire set. Use Sam to grow a plant and then another character to jump up to the plant leaves and grab the suspended wire. Climb and you’ll reach to the brick.

Mithril Brick #5
Location. There is a set of five plants next to each other in the same area, you need a character with a sword to cut these and get your reward.

Mithril Brick #6
Location. The free roam area (right after you enter, Two Towers section) Sam and Frodo will be on a mountain path, go downwards- to the bottom of the screen. Use Sam’s rope to pull the rocks on the right and grab the brick.

Mithril Brick #7
Location. The same area as the last one, the left side of the path takes you to a dark cave where Frodo has to use his light. The brick is here!

Mithril Brick #8
Location. Bree, take a ranged character (with a bow) and the street across the inn, next to the town’s exit. You will find five targets next to the fence. Jump on to the platform on the side of the fence and aim the five targets. Take them down and you will see the brick.

Mithril Brick #9
Location. You get to a graveyard after crossing the eight bricks. Dig up the three spots in front of the gravestones with Sams help. Hold B and put each of them together, you’ll get the brick now.

Mithril Brick #10
Location. There is a path which leads to the field, next to the graveyard. On the right of that field is a tree next to a cave, jump onto the tree and then to the rail. Move forward and hook up to the next rail from where you get to the vine. The second/higher vine takes you to the brick.

Mithril Brick #11
Location. Destroy the cobweb (the cracked wall) with Gimli and you’ll see the brick inside – The H of rohan on the map (fields of Rohan).

Mithril Brick #12
Location. Bree, use Legolas and shoot the three pole points next to the inn. Use the lowest to jump onto the highest and grab the brick.

Mithril Brick# 13
Location. The west of Hobbition is another Archery range situated. Legolas can be used to time and take the shots of all the targets. Hit all of them to make the brick appear.

Mithril Brick #14
Location. Rivendell, the central path which takes you to a lake/building. You need to use Gimli’s smash on the left side to raise two columns. Follow the path upward and use Legolas to shoot the targets and then the new jumps created. Destroy the box.

Mithril Brick #15
Location. Center of Edoras – The front of the main building by the map stone. Use Legolas to shoot the pole targets and then jump onto it so you can move towards the brick.

Mithril Brick #16
Location. O and H of Rohan of the world map – The hill which has a grayed out brick, next to five piles of heads. Use Gimli to destroy all of them with around six seconds of each other.