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Black Ops 2 Hijacked Map Strategy Guide

Don’t be fooled by the luxurious yacht that is Hijacked, the extremely narrow paths make for a very bloody close-encounters map. The short distance from east to west also helps to ramp up the head-on encounter level, so stay frosty.

The interior areas on the north and south of the yacht are there for people to duck in and take cover from the intense combat outside in the middle, and there is also a route below deck to try to avoid the hotspots above deck.

“Hijack is a fight on a luxury yacht,” says Treyarch’s David Vonderharr. “It’s like a two-lane map, with very intense close-quarter combat. Use shotguns and SMGs at sloe range, and make sure you’re doing something like taking extended mags — there’s always somebody coming out, and you don’t want to run our of bullets in the middle of that fire fight.”

The short distance from east to west makes this a head-on combat map with very close combat. Use the SMG or shotgun to take advantage of this. The narrow paths, however, yield enough of a draw distance to warrant using the assault rifle.

A stealthy perk will come in handy to keep people off of your trail, as soon as the dot shows up on the radar you’ll have people swarming your location in no time thanks to the cramped quarters. Furthermore, keep in mind the devastation of aerial Score streaks on such a narrow map.

The hotspots in Hijacked are almost impossible not to run into, unless you take the routes less travelled below deck. Hijacked’s hotspots are all lined up in the center due to the narrow nature of the map.

The northern-most hotspot is at the bow of the ship, with a few obstructions blocking lines of sight from the east and west. The center hotspot is right in the middle of the map, with a hot tub to the west and two well placed obstructions blocking direct lines of sight from the north and south.

It’s a classic kill box, with enemies coming in from the interior north as well as to the south, west, interior, east and above. The southern-most hotspot takes place at the stern of the ship, and it is the most open of all Hijacked’s hotspots. It is also a respawn point, which makes it ideal for spawn killers to take aim at.

Vantage Points
The interior in the northern center of the ship is a close quarters location with a view directly overlooking the northern hotspot. You’ll also have eyes behind toward the center hotspot. Bur with multiple areas of entry, you have to be careful not to fall victim to players using dead silence or ghost perks.

In the center to the east is another vantage point adjacent the center hotspot. This point is great for picking off people hiding behind the center hotspot’s obstructions, as well as sneaking out and taking pot shots at enemies coming in from the north and south.

The hot tube west of the center also makes a good hiding place for people looking to do some kill farming. It has eyes directly on the center hotspot, as well as to the north and south regions approaching it.

An enemy in the hot tub can easily be taken out with a cooked grenade, though. The hot tub at the stern of the ship is open at the sides, but offers good coverage on the southern hotspot and respawn point.

There’s also a nice little obstruction blocking incoming fire from head-on, which makes getting to the person in the hot tub harder than it looks.

Flag Routes
Three routes connect the north and south flags. The first is along the western side of the map which enables you to flank the position. The second goes directly through the center of the map and puts you head on with the competition. The third travels along the far most east side of the map and also flanks.

Demolition Bomb Sites
The first bomb site is west of the central hotspot. The second is down the steps from the center hotspot, and in the eastern corner. The overtime site is in the center hotspot slightly to the east.

When planting the bomb, use a Loadout with a fast weapon and Extended Clip. If you’re defending, use a Loadout with plenty of explosives. An AR with a grenade launcher can do wonders in the narrow Hijacked halls.

The first domination control point is at the bow of the ship in the northern hotspot. The second is directly in the middle of the map at the center hotspot. The third is at the north portion of the southern hotspot, just north of the ship’s stern.

When assaulting the flag, use a Loadout with either an SMG or AR and Extended Clip. When defending a position, use the same, but with perks such as Hardline, Toughness, and Awareness.

Search and Destroy
The first bomb site is to the south west of the center hotspot. The other is located down the stairs south of the center and in the eastern corner of the next area. When on offense, use Loadouts with an SMG or SG. Use perks such as Perk 3 Greed for Awareness and either Dead Silence or Extreme Conditioning. The same will also work well on defense.