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Black Ops 2 Express Map Strategy Guide

Express is a rail terminal for the high-speed California train. It’s a very narrow level with curves, obstructions and parked train cars breaking up the line of sight. The routes are divided in such a way that traversing from one side of the map to the other can take quite a bit of time and risk.

The optimal Loadouts to use are ones that help speed your movement, confuse enemies and shield your approach, because you will at times have no choice but to advance into the hotspots filled with enemies.

This level also features one of the more deadly set pieces in a moving train. When you hear the alarm sound, get off the tracks! This is a train station in the heart of 2025 Los Angeles,” says Treyarch’s David Vonderharr.

“What makes it interesting is that it’s symmetrical. It’s like playing on a football field: one side of the map is almost the same as the other. It’s the first time we’ve ever made anything so symmetrical inspired by our e-sports community. The place actually just looks beautiful.”

Because of the curves and blocked lines of sight, movement is critical in Express. An ideal Loadout is with a small weapon such as the MSMC. Use lightweight and extreme conditioning with it to get the most out of the map’s narrow curves.

The hotspots in Express are lined up front and center. The northern-most hotspot is a wide open lobby with traffic flowing in directly from the south, as well as to the east and west. The center hotspot takes place around the small booth above the terminal.

Combat here can get pretty close-quarters, so watch out for knives and shotguns. The southern-most hotspot takes place right in front of the information desk. This location mixes the interior action of the other two hotspots, with pressure from the exterior, specifically the train from the east and west.

Vantage Points
The southern most building offers two vantage points from the adjacent windows that overlook the train from the east and west. Both windows can be accessed by jump point, so holding down the location means covering both windows as much as possible.

There is also a ladder in the back of the room, so plant C4 if your holding the area down. The train directly in front also provide a clear shot on opponents in the southern most hotspot.

The perch above the northern hotspot provides lines of sight on both the arrivals and departures gates. Here you’ll have a 360 degree view, where you can spin around to get an obstructed view on the center hotspot. This position is powerful, but it is also very vulnerable to flanks.

Sniper Perch
Sniping from the center southern vantage point is ideal because you can get a good line of sight on targets far into the east and west. Here you can pick off persons attempting to bypass the hotspots by entering and exiting trains. You’re also an easy target yourself, so mind your surroundings!

Flag Routes
There are three routes leading from the flag in the east to the western flag. The first one travels north through the hallway leading into the terminal, through the northern hotspot and down the hall leading to the flag at the first train.

The second runs directly along the train to the other flag. The third takes you on a southern route through the bottom of the map and behind the flag from the south. There are several variations you can take on the second and third routes.

Demolition Bomb Sites
The first bomb site is located to the east side adjacent the southern building. The second is found in the northern hotspot in front of the eastern staircase. The overtime site is in the outer center hotspot facing south.

When planting the bomb, use a Loadout with an SMG and an attachment for close encounters. If you’re defending, use a Loudout with a SMAW as a secondary weapon and a mix of proximity mines and EMP grenades.

The first domination control point is located between the trains on the western portion of the map. The second point is in the southern hotspot. And the third is located between the trains on the far east end. When assaulting the flag, use a Loadout with an AR and a Fast Mag.

You’ll have relatively clear lines of sight on each of the control points, so a medium range weapon with great accuracy and damage is a must. When defending a position, use an LMG in conjunction with a smaller, good close encounters secondary weapon. Use a Trophy System to keep your back safe from incoming projectiles.

Search and Destroy
The first bomb site is found east adjacent to the building centered in the south. The second site is in the central hotspot. The bomb can be found just outside the hallway leading into the lobby on the west end. When on offense, use Loadouts with an SMG or AR and your favorite attachment.

On defense, use Loadouts that include an SMG or AR with Proximity Mines and a Shock Charge to secure the area you’re covering.