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Black Ops 2 Drone Map Strategy Guide

Located deep in the Myanmar jungles, Drone takes place in a top-secret, high-tech Drone construction facility marked by intense interior and outdoor combat. The facility is sprawled out throughout the map, and has a huge multi-tiered portion located in the south center of the map.

There are even more multi-leveled structures in the north center. The long stretch of central street divides the facilities from east to west. Because of its varied level-type, you can choose how you want to engage — from the inside of a building or outside in the northwest, southeast, or central streets.

Drone features a mix of long-range combat when outside, and close-range combat indoors, so choose your weapon wisely. If the battle moves inside the buildings, you may want to switch to a SMG or shotgun if you’re an active player. If you prefer to play the background, you can always choose to snipe from one of the vantage points, picking off players as they move in and out of the facilities.

The hotspots in Drone are also a bit different, as they don’t line up at all but instead sort of linger in the middle portions of the stage. The hotspot located in souther drone facility is particularly dangerous because of the stairs.

In the center of the map, the hotspot is smashed between two drone facilities, with plenty of cars offering obstruction and explosive capabilities. There is also a vantage point overlooking it, so be on all toes or avoid whenever possible.

The third hotspot is located a little west of the center, in the same path as the center hotspot. The space is very narrow, with enemies attacking from different levels of elevation thanks to the upper level bridge connecting the facilities. Long-range weapons are great for this area, and with that said, watch out for snipers!

Sniper Perch
The ledge adjacent the north western peninsula offers an excellent sniping position. This sniping perch offers a direct line of sight into the two busiest areas of the map, as well as a prime location for picking off respawns.

The second sniper perch is located next to the helicopter at the far east side of the map. it provides a clear line of sight on enemies in the central hotspots.

Vantage Points
You don’t need a sniper rifle to take advantage of Drone’s vantage points. From the sniper perch by the peninsula, you can pick off targets with an SMG, assault rifle of LMG just as well.

You can also jump to the shipping crate in front of the stairs to get a better view between the two facilities and the action in the hotspot. The northern drone facility houses another vantage point perfect for picking off targets to the east end facility.

It’s a very close quarters area, so make sure you have you knife finger ready! The walkway in the center path is another prime area, as you can pop out and take advantage of fire fights going on below your elevation with the supremacy of higher ground. This vantage point is accessed by both ladder and a jump point, and also leads from the southern hotspot, which means it’s a high traffic area that you shouldn’t expect to hold down for too long.

Two more vantage points sit opposite each other in the southern drone facility, both with sights on the floor below.

Drone Facilities
The drone facilities take up a great deal of the southern part of the map, with more of it peppered across the north. You’ll find plenty of obstructions, stairs and narrow paths to look forward to.

Sitting at the steps in the center of the souther western portion is a great place for campers racking up kills from the hotspot traffic. Because there’s no way to get in from the bottom, you can essentially hold your ground there from players shooting at you from the steps above.

The Northwest Peninsula
The northwest peninsula is one of the spawn points, and it also makes an OK camping spot for those looking to sit back and pick up casual kills from people bypassing the hotspots. You can also get a clear line of sight into the center buildings.

Be warned: the ledge is one of the places snipers will probably keep their sights trained on because of the respawn point, so watch out for snipers perched on the ledge above.

Flag Routes
From the east flag you have your choice of three main routes to get to the west flag in the lower corner. The first route leads north along the walls with plenty of cover leading down slightly behind the west flag.

The second route goes straight through the center between the drone facilities and central hotspots and follows the path south to the flag. The third route takes you down south behind the southern facility and into the centralized southern factory, hugging the walls all the way to the western flag.

Demolition Bomb Sites
The first demolition bomb site is in the southern hotspot in the drone factory. The second is in the long stretch of ground where the central hotspots are located. The overtime site is located in the central hotspot favoring the east.

When planting the bomb, use a Loadout that allows for good close and medium-long coverage, such as an AR and an SMG as a second primary. Ideal perks are Ghost and Flak Jacket. You may also want to use an Assault Shield to provide cover in the central locations. If you’re defending, use a Loadout with Hardline to yield massive Scorestreaks.

The first domination control site is in the south eastern corner. The second is in between the central hotspots in the street. The third is in the lower level in front of the western sniper perch.

When assaulting the flag, use a Loadout utilizing Extended Clip, Laser Sight with an AR or LMG when playing the center, or an SMG in tighter areas to flank positions effectively. When defending a position, use an AR or SR, with Scorestreaks that allow for rushing or team playing.

Search and Destroy
The first bomb site is in the southern drone facility. The second can be found a few meters north of the eastern sniper perch next to the helicopter. The bomb is found in the north western peninsula. Offensive players should equip themselves with an SMG or AR because of the interior locations of the bomb sites.

Use either Dead Silence or Extreme Conditioning for Perk 3, and Lightweight for Perk 1 for quick flanking. On defense, a SR makes a good candidate for picking off people going for the bomb in the north western peninsula.