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Black Ops 2 Carrier Map Strategy Guide

Carrier takes place on the flight deck of a Chinese super-carrier cluttered with jets and helicopters that serve as both backdrop and strategic points. The debris scattered around the map breaks up the line of sight at certain vantage points, making for some intense close-medium combat. There are also a handful of routes running along the east, west and south of the carrier that allow you to completely bypass the main deck hotspots.

Carrier is a very busy map, but has extremely long sights of view. You can snipe, but there’s not quite a bird’s nest to keep you covered. Ideally, you should use a LMG or assault rifle with a target finder attachment.

The LMG and assault rifle are perfect for Carrier’s medium-long range combat, and the target finder makes picking opponents out of busy cover an easy task. To defend against this type of strategy on this map, you should use Cold-Blooded to stay out of view of the target finder.

The hotspot geography is a bit different from the previous maps in that it isn’t lined up in the center. Instead, there is a southwestern helipad that provides one of the more heated battlegrounds in the map.

The lower level before the helipad at the southern-most section offers two ways to reach the helipad, both by stairs. Above deck, there are several obstructions providing cover, so enemies can quickly flank you if you’re not paying attention.

The center hotspot is next to a crashed jet fighter, which can be used as a cover. Situational awareness is imperative, because the hotspot is right in the sights of a high vantage point frequented by snipers.

The last hotspot is located in the north east corner next to the helicopter and just elevated above the helipad. This hotspot is a tricky one because it is multi-tiered. Like the other hotspots, there’s plenty to duck for cover behind, but with so many open areas and different levels of elevation, it’s easy to get the drop on someone.

Vantage Points
Located at the top of the slightly lifted ramp, the sniper perch directly overlooks the center hotspot. The view is obstructed by the crashed jet, but there’s also a clear line of sight down to the far end of the map.

The position is extremely vulnerable from the east, however, due to the hotspot and the lack of cover. The wing of the jet in the south easter corner just north west of the helipad is another vantage point. This one sees into the center hotspot, with a particular keen eye on opponents hiding in the jet wreckage. You can also get sights on the south western hotspot, but so can they!

Flag Routes
There are three routes from the flag located at the south west helipad to the enemy flag in the north east helipad, with the north east routes the same in reverse.

The first route starts north along the wester wall, and sticks close to the wall behind cover when possible to flank behind the helicopter in the northern position.

The second route goes north east and intersect between the jet wreckage, going north again adjacent to the helicopter and through the northern hotspot. You can also go around the wreckage completely by strafing further south and bypass the northern hotspot by attacking the helipad from a direct south position.

The third route sees the player going east through the helipad, behind the jets in the lower south east position and heading north by sticking to the eastern wall all the way to the northern helipad.

Demolition Bomb Sites
One of the demolition bomb sites is located to the west of the crashed jet. The second bomb site is found just outside the diamond of the south eastern helipad. The overtime site is right in the middle of the wreckage.

When planting the bomb, use a loadout that allows for good close coverage, such as an SMG and perks that make you hard to detect and even harder to kill, such as ghost and flak jacket. If you’re defending, use a loadout with a ton of explosives and grenades, as well as Tactical Mask to defend against bombardment.

The first Domination control point is found at the southern hotspot in the helipad. The central control point is in the center hotspot between the jet wreckage. The third is in the northern hotspot inside the helipad.

When assaulting the flag, use a loadout with Lightweight and Extreme Conditioning in combination with an SMG or assault rifle to flank point holders. When defending a position, use an LMG with Hardline or Blind Eye to make the most out of offensive and defensive Scorestreaks.

Search and Destroy
When on offense, utilize an LMG with a Target Finder to clear out bomb sites. Use either Dead Silence or Extreme Conditioning for Perk 3, and Lightweight for Perk 1 to give you the speed needed to flank quickly with the LMG.

On defense, use Lightweight and Extreme Condition to quickly get to the bomb site. Equip claymores for Lethal and shock charges for Tactical so you can place them around site and location you’re covering.