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Black Ops 2 Cargo Map Strategy Guide

Cargo is a Singapore loading dock with a moving set piece center of it all – an automated crane lift that picks up and moves huge shipping containers. Because of this, the center of Cargo changes dynamically to allow for different lines of sight at any given moment.

The combat on this map flows in and out from this center set piece. There are large stacks of shipping containers throughout the east, west and south portions of the map that break up the flow, as well as a small-office building in the north that is one of the few indoor areas.

“There are cargo crates in the centre, and it’s about owning either side of that battle space,” says Treyarch’s David Vonderharr.

“Once you hold that down, you can have some map control and not have anyone come through the middle of your path. A good tactic: there are two buildings on either side, and getting up on the crates gives you really good viewing angles.”

Cargo offers a mix of close range and medium-range combat, making your best choice an assault rifle so you stay adaptable to changes in combat range. The amount of cover made possible by the shipping containers makes the suppressor a good candidate for an attachment as well.

Of course, you can’t rule out the usefulness of the SMG in the many tight spots the map offers, so choose wisely based on how you, and the people you are competing with, play the game.

The most major hotspot of concern is directly in the center. As the cranes continuously move around shipping containers, the line of sight between the northern office and east and west vantage points will change.

Make use of this temporary cover to predict enemy behavior. The southern hotspot traverses alongside the water, with plenty of opportunities to take cover in our around shipping containers.

This can be a tricky area because of head on combat, as well as encounters from players escaping the center hotspot, hiding in overwatch areas and players popping out of the shipping containers. The northern hotspot takes place in the maintenance area above the center hotspot. Because of it’s cramped interior, it makes a good spot for CQC, so be on your toes for knives, or use an SMG.

Vantage Points
The first vantage point is in the office building on the west side of the map. It offers clear views of the path leading into and from the central hotspot as well as the path from south.

Its a cramped little spot with two access points, so it’s easy to get ambushed. One position offers two vantage points, and it’s above the blue shipping container southwest of the center hotspot.

You access it by a jump point found at the crates. From there you have lines of sight on the center hotspot as well as a bead on the southern hotspot. Another vantage point in the southern part of the map is behind the locked office building, along the catwalk next to the water. From there you can get eyes on the hotspot and easily duck behind the building for cover.

Adjacent to this vantage point is another one directly above the red shipping crate. Just use the jump point outside and you’ll be able to get eyes on people hiding running through the Southern Hemisphere, as well as the center hotspot. The building at the very top of the map offers another vantage point over the center hotspot.

The last vantage point is located in the north east at a jump point leading to a series of shipping containers. From here you can see the past the stairs in front and to your right, as well as jump to the shipping container to your right.

The North Building
The north building can be accessed by stairs from inside and outside the building, as well as by jump point. The lower level is particularly dark and provides great views on the east, west and south overlooking the center hotspot.

The building is itself a hotspot, so be weary of intersecting combat. Claymores and proximity mines do wonders here. The second level of the building offers one of the map’s prime vantage points, but is highly contested.

West Camp
From the west, there are three main routes to get to the east base. The first is directly down the stairs and into the south side of the central hotspot which takes you all the way to the east base.

The second route deviates south of the map and sticks to the outermost regions, through the southern hotspot and deviates northeast into the east camp. Lastly, you can go north from the west camp and either travel along the outermost regions or through the center hotspot and into the east camp from the north.

East Camp
The east camp has two main starting routes. The first is found heading to the north and taking the stairs, then either sticking to the outermost northern regions or through the centralized hotspot to get into the west camp. The second is by going south and either through the southern portion of the center hotspot, or through the outermost southern region of the map and into the east.

Demolition Bomb Sites
The first demolition site is located in the southern hotspot. The second is found in the northern hotspot. The overtime site is in the central hotspot. When planting the bomb, use a Loadout that allows for close-medium coverage, and perks such as Ghost and Cold Blooded.

If you’re defending, use a Loadout that includes an assault rifle with a grenade launcher. Play around the bob site and use your explosives to stop enemies dead in their tracks.

The first domination control point is located in the east next to the area up the staircase adjacent from the shipping containers. The second is right in the middle of the center hotspot.

The third is found outside the west office building just before the stairs. When assaulting the flag, use a Loadout with Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask to protect yourself while capturing the flag. Play around the center using an AR with Sight, Suppressor and Fast Mag.

Search and Destroy
The first bomb site is found at the southern portion of the map in the hotspot. The second is adjacent the shipping containers in the north east corner. The bomb is found in the dead end at the further point west of the map.

When on offense, utilize an AR with one attachment. For Perk 1, use Lightweight to reach key areas on the map quickly, and Awareness, Dead Silence or Extreme Condition in Perk 3. On defense, use an AR or SMG with claymores for Lethal and shock charges for Tactical to place them around for cover.