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Black Ops 2 Nuketown Secret Games Easter Egg – Pitfall, H.E.R.O, River Raid and Kaboom!

Ever wanted to play a game within a game? Getting the urge to scratch that retro game itch? No? Well too bad, because here is a guide on how to unlock the ability to play classic retro activision games in Nuketown 2025.

It seems that activision included some of their older games in Black Ops 2, similar to how they slipped in Zork in the previous entry in the series. The games in Nuketown are; Pitfall, H.E.R.O, River Raid and Kaboom!

To be able to play these you need to shoot the heads off all the mannequins in the map within 1 minute and 30 seconds, if you’re having trouble with this get some friends to help out.

After you’ve managed that, there should be a large screen in the center of the town with the words ‘ACTIVISION’ on it. Interact with it to play the games.

While you’re playing these games, you are basically invincible, but take care once you stop, as your friends will be none too pleased about you hogging the screen and will probably pump you full of holes.

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