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Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC Details Extracted From Trailer

With the trailer for the latest Dragonborn DLC, fans are already speculating on the possibilities the new expansion will bring to Skyrim.

Here are some details that were extracted from the trailer which you might find interesting:

  • While the protagonist fought alongside the dragons, it’s possible that the boss battle of the DLC is with another Dragonborn but this one went on to devour the dragons. This is further proven later in the trailer where the narrator introduces the antagonist: “He did not serve the dragons, he devoured them”.
  • The trailer shows an elderly man inside a small encampment, possibly a new Grey Warden located in Solstehim?
  • The new location will feature Giant mushrooms that have buildings built into them. Player could be able to enter these buildings.
  • The trailer then shifts to a rocky area in what seems to be night-time.
  • The next scene shows us a city surrounded by large walls and the same rocky formations on the exterior. The previous scene was possibly a passage to this city.
  • The rock formation blends into a large set of walls. There is a wooden structure in the center of the encampment, but the area is primarily surrounded by larger, uniquely designed structures. These could possibly be the homes of the Skaal natives of the land.
  • Next we get to see the interior of a cave which possibly is a new dungeon set in the DLC.
  • The antagonist, the Dragon Priest is mention and then we see a skeleton of a dragon pined to a wall. More dragon bones outside gives us an idea of how many dragons he has devoured.
  • The narrator informs us that the Dragon Priest is looking for a way to return to the world of Tamriel.
  • Our Dragonborn comes into the scene then holding a Black Book. The book turns green and then summons a snake which wraps around the Dragonborn.
  • According to the press release, the new DLC will give players opportunity to explore a new Daedra Realm. The Black Book mentioned aboved possibly summons you to the new Daedra Realm when used.
  • The next area shown in the trailer is possibly the same Daedra Realm, as it has a lot of floating pages.
  • A blue creature appears on the right in this area. It might be a new enemy or perhaps a new quest giver. You know, the kind where you can either fulfill the quest and help him or be a baddie and kill him for his loot.
  • The trailer then shows the Dragonborn floating through the air and then landing on a small platform. Perhaps these could be a means of quick-transport within the Daedric realm.
  • The place where the Dragonborn lands shows a person and a circular door.
  • Another interior is shown, perhaps this one is what you come into once you enter the circular door.
  • Our Dragonborn is then shown glowing in orange. A possible new dragon shout?
  • His armor shown is also new and we could see this along with new sets in the DLC.
  • Trailer then cuts to the Dragonborn hopping on to a dragon and then flying on it, thus confirm dragon mounting.
  • More new armor is shown, this one could be a new Chitin armor.
  • A couple of new enemies are shown. A flying creature that sends off kinect blasts and another which, according to the press release will likely appear in the Ash wastes of Solstehim.
  • Rieklings, small humanoid creatures are then shown attacking the Dragonborn.
  • After some fighting showcasing the dragon mount ability in action, we see the soul of a dead dragon being absorbed.
  • The narrator says: “You didn’t think he was the only one, he was the first.
  • We then see the Dragon Priest/Dragonborn, with a unique mask.
[via NowGamer]