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Rumor: Final Fantasy Type-0 Was Near Localization In 2011

For many Final Fantasy fans, the best game, this historic series put out in this console generation was Final Fantasy Type-0 on the PSP. However, sadly, the game was never released outside of Japan and most of the gamers around the world never got around to play it.

Well, this may have not been the case if one secret source is to be trusted. According to the source who contacted Operation Suzaku, a fan based project aiming to localize Final Fantasy Type-0, localization of Type-0 was allegedly shelved in early 2012, when localization in general was 90% complete, due to declining PSP software and hardware sales in the west.

Furthermore, the source clarified that Square-Enix are waiting to see some demonstration of fan demand before committing to a release in the west. Final Fantasy Type-0 is quite popular in Japan and was well received by the critics as well. If you want to show your support for the localization of Final Fantasy Type-0 to Square-Enix, Operation Suzaku has a petition set up here.