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Halo 4: One Million Players Have Completed The Campaign

According to statistics released by the official Halo Waypoint blog for Halo 4’s first week, over one million players have gone through the game’s single-player campaign since launch. 6% of this figure have completed the game on its ‘legendary’ difficulty setting.

The multiplayer has also been seeing a lot of action since the game’s release. According to 343 Industries over 4.5 billion kills were recorded in all of the game modes.

Within the first five days of launch players recorded a total gameplay time of over 16 million hours in War Mode alone. 1.9 million hours were recorded by those who played Spartan Ops, Halo 4’s ongoing episodic co-op mode.

After the great work done by Bungie on the Halo series, fans were speculating on whether 343 Industries were up to the task. The developers have proved themselves by releasing a product which people are calling as the best multiplayer shooter to date.