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Spin The Bottle on Wii U

Danish developer KnapNok Games plans to bring the classic Spin the Bottle game to the Wii U console. The game will be released in Spring next year. The game will support up to eight players and uses the Wii U GamePad to spin the bottle.

My Nintendo News explains the game for those who have never been to a party… or seen one,

Spin the Bottle is a party game for Wii U supporting up to 8 players. The game pushes the players’ attention away from the screen and onto each other with a series of collaborative micro challenges where players have to look at each other in order to win.

The players sit in a circle around the Wii U Game Pad and spin a virtual bottle in order to pair up two random players to take a challenge. The challenges are carried out with Wii Remotes and might involve tight coordination, daring trust, body contact or extreme flexibility.

And of course the accompanying trailer: