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Gravity Rush + Starhawk DLC Announced for PlayStation All-Stars

Sony have announced the first DLC packs for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The line-up already announced for PS All-Stars mostly pays homage to many classic or older PlayStation characters.

The PlayStation blog announced new DLC packs that will add characters from much more recent games.

First up we have the Gravity Rush DLC which adds the main character Kat into the mix. Kat can use her gravity bending powers to perform some crazy, aerial-based attacks.

When playing as Kat you’ll be able to take advantage of her powers to better position yourself to line up some aerial stunts to juggle your way to victory.

Past that they’re also adding Emmet Graves of Starhawk fame. He’ll be bringing his signature weapons to the battlefield, but his real strength will lie in his unique “Build and Battle” system which you can use to call down help and structures from the sky.

The best news though is that Sony are temporarily offering these DLC characters for free! If you play PS All-Stars during the first two weeks of release you can claim both Kat and Emmet Graves for no charge. If you miss that two week window though you’re gonna have to cough up some dough to get your hands on them.