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Day Z: Inspired By Developer’s Harsh Military Training

Dean Hall, creator of the infamous online survival mod Day Z has said that the idea of the game came from his experiences with military training.

He went on to tell a tale from his old time with the New Zealand military where he was trying to get into the special forces.

Hall was given limited rations and sent into the jungle, tasked with reaching an extraction point. Ultimately he had to spend a month in that jungle and soon ran out of food and water.

The developer said that he was the first one to reach the extraction point but there were no additional rations to be found there.

One guy, I don’t know how, but he managed to finish this exercise with some food left over. He gave me a biscuit, and I swear that, at that time, no one had ever done anything that nice to me. I started crying. Because someone gave me a biscuit.

Starvation and malnutrition worked its way onto Hall’s body and in the end he had to spend seven weeks in the hospital for recovery. Though he lost his chance to enter the special forces, the episode shined a light on his interest in gaming and programming.

Kotaku has the full story and it is a fascinating read.