Toki Tori 2 Releases on November 20 for Wii U

Two Tribes announced today that Toki Tori 2 will be released on the Wii U eShop come this November 20th. While there will be a steam release, the date has yet to be announced.

While the game was originally announced as a PC and Mac game for Steam, once Two Tribes started working with Wiii U development, it realized that it could be a launch titled. Naturally, they put all their resources into making that goal happen. Here’s a quote from Two Tribes explaining the matter:

“Since we’re a relatively small indie studio, a lot is riding on the success of Toki Tori 2 for us. We have spent well over a year with everyone at Two Tribes on this single project, which means Toki Tori 2 will be the only source of income for a while to come. When Nintendo announced their plans for the Wii U, we decided early on that the game needed to be on that platform, but it wasn’t until we noticed that our completion date and the Wii U launch date aligned that we made the call.”