The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack Launches on Origin

You can now buy the latest expansion pack at full retail price via EA’s digital distribution platform, Origin.

This latest expansion pack to The Sims 3 brings a whole series of seasonal changes and weather transformations to the life simulation title. Alongside all the new weather varieties that are bought to The Sims 3 are a whole host of new activities based around those weather patterns. Is it snowing in winter? Then why not go snowboarding or check out some ice hockey. Warm weather in summer? Sounds like it’s time to hit the beach! There’s a range of festivals you can visit as well based on the season as well as some out-of-this-world visits with the return of aliens!

The Seasons expansion pack also interacts with the Supernatural expansion pack from a couple of months ago. If you have both installed then you can unlock the Weather Stone in Supernatural which brings in some new integrated gameplay and mystical possibilities that borrow elements from both expansion packs.