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Paper Mario: Sticker Star Luigi Locations Guide

Paper Mario: Sticker Star has a ton of collectibles hidden in its folds. From Easter Eggs to hidden paths, there is a lot to search for. However, in this guide, we will focus on finding the other Mario brother hidden throughout the levels. Luigi can be found a total of five times in the game, once on each world.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Luigi Locations

Luigi #1
Location. The first time you find Luigi is in the final level of world one; Goomba Fortress. Near the end of the level, when you get to the big green bridge, you’ll see him sitting on the wall of the fortress. Paperize the level and grab him.

Luigi #2
Location. In the fourth stage of world two, when you pass the first corner, you should see a Spike and two hills. There is a slightly hidden doorway to the south of the Spike. Go through the doorway and you will find Luigi sitting in a window to your right. Paperize and grab.

Luigi #3
Location. In the twelfth stage of world three, head out onto the dock that goes out onto the poisoned sea, Luigi is sitting on one of the rocks in the water.

Luigi #4
Location. In the fifth stage of world five; Whiteout Valley, ride the ski lift and just before the ride ends you’ll see Luigi going down on the opposing set of chairs. You’ll need to time the pauperize and grab well, or you’ll miss him.

Luigi #5
Location. In the fifth stage of the world five; Rugged Road, there is an area with X-shaped marks on the ground that can be broken through with the volcanic debris flying around. When you get to the third set of marks, break through the northernmost mark and drop down. Head north to the hot spring and search around the left side to find the last Luigi.