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Modern Warfare 3 and CryEngine 3 Security Issues?

According to a report by ReVuln security consultants Luigi Auriemma and Donato Ferrante, Modern Warfare 3’s IW engine and the CryEngine 3 are supposedly vulnerable to security breach. The pair demonstrated the vulnerabilities of the two engines at a conference in Seoul.

This news comes at a time when Black Ops II is about to be launched which they suggested might also contain the vulnerability. The catch is that they are not going to volunteer information to Activision but are willing to work with them to release the information.

And to make the offer more convincing, speaking on the Call of Duty series, they also reveal how “We have a lot of companies that ask for these kinds of denial-of-service attacks to attack competitors. This is really a big concern for companies.”

Companies generally are more focused on performance rather than adding security checks, which will slow down the game says Ferrante. They don’t think the vulnerabilities are too critical, so they can sacrifice for better performance.

It seems like a rather shoddy way to get work.

Source: CVG