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Halo 4 makes $220 Million In 24 Hours

In its first 24 hours, Halo 4 already raked in $220 million worldwide. According to Microsoft, Halo 4 is on pace to reach $300 million globally by tomorrow, which would yield the biggest Halo launch ever to the fourth entry in the series. The franchise, in total, is estimated at about $3.38 billion.

Microsoft also noted that 4 million people played the game online during its first five days at retail, but didn’t divulge the unique sales of the game, which retail for $60 and upwards of $100 for the limited edition.

“We’re thrilled that Halo 4 has emerged as the biggest U.S. entertainment launch of the year,” said Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer. His self-congratulating might be short-lived, as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 hits shelves.