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Dota 2 Centaur Warrunner Guide – Builds, Abilities, Items and Strategy

By far the strongest hero ever introduced in Dota 2. He is an absolute wrecking ball in public games, having a win rate of over 65% when he was introduced and currently standing at the top with a 60% win rate after his latest nerfs.

Bradwarden the Centaur Warrunner is a melee hero that can stun enemies for a long period of time with his skills; he can deal a huge amount of burst damage, and he is also a very hard hero to kill due to having the highest strength growth in the game. His ultimate Stampede is a really insane game breaking ultimate, which allows Centaur and his allies to trample enemies and deal a big amount of damage according to Centaur’s own Strength.

Pros and Cons

  • + Very tanky due to highest Strength in the game
  • + Strong aoe stun
  • + Big burst damage dealer
  • + Can save allies and set up fights with Stampede
  • – Melee

Centaur Abilities

Hoof Stomp
Slams the ground, stunning and damaging nearby enemy units.

  • Damage: 100/150/200/250
  • Stun Duration: 2/2.25/2.5/2.75
  • Cooldown: 13
  • Manacost: 85/100/115/130

Your stun spell. Remember that it has a casting delay. The manacost increases significantly per level  but so does the damage

Double Edge
Centaur strikes a mighty blow at melee range, damaging both himself and the target. Centaur cannot die from Double Edge. Double Edge deals its damage in a 190 AoE around the target.

  • Damage: 175/250/325/400
  • Cooldown: 8

This spell is the hero’s main nuke skill. And there isn’t anything missing, this spell has NO manacost which is insane for a 400 damage nuke that has such a low cooldown.

Centaur Warrunner immediately counters every attack, damaging the attacker based on a percentage of Centaur’s strength.

  • Base Damage: 16/18/20/22
  • Bonus Damage as Percent of Centaur Warrunner’s Strength: 26%/34%/42%/50%

Centaur’s passive that works almost like a free Blademail. As you level up and get Str items, the enemies that attack you will take more and more damage and it works on every attack including attacks that do no damage, attacks that miss and even canceled atttacks

Grants you and all allied player units on the map max movement speed and zero unit collision for a short duration. Any enemy units you or your allies come into collision will take some damage and get stunned. Enemies can only be affected by stampede impact once.

  • Damage: 1x/2x/3x times your strength
  • Duration: 3.75
  • Stun Duration: 1.25 seconds
  • Cooldown: 120/90/60
  • Manacost: 80

This is Centaur’s ultimate. It also deals damage according to Centaur’s own Strength to everyone that gets stampeded by Centaur or his allies. It has a global range so you can be farming on a corner of the map and using it to help your allies escape or kill someone on the opposite corner of the map.

Centaur Skill Build

  1. Hoof Stomp
  2. Double Edge
  3. Double Edge
  4. Return
  5. Double Edge
  6. Stampede
  7. Double Edge
  8. Hoof Stomp
  9. Hoof Stomp
  10. Hoof Stomp
  11. Stampede
  12. Return
  13. Return
  14. Return
  15. Stats
  16. Stampede

This is the standard build. Hoof Stomp is taken at level 1 to get or prevent enemies from getting First Blood.  Due to the insane amount of burst damage, Double Edge should always be the first spell to max at level 7. A point in Return at level 4 is a good option since it will deal a good amount to heroes and creeps just with one point.

Variations to this include getting Return at level 1 when Centaur goes jungling (more on this later). Taking stats at level 8 instead of Hoof Stomp can also work especially if you get a Blink Dagger and can’t handle multiple casts of blink and Hoof. The stun duration increase isn’t that big of a deal and the stats will also buff up your Return damage.

Ultimate Stampede is obviously taken whenever possible.

Centaur Recommended Items

Starting: Stout Shield, Branch, Branch, Branch  Tango and Salve

These starting items will give you some nice stats and survivability.

Core: Boots of Speed, Magic Wand, Hood of Defiance, TP Scroll (Bracer)

Boots for the always important movement speed boost, Magic Wand will give some hp and mana, Hood of Defiance is a very important item on Centaur because not only it will reduce the enemy magical damage, but also the damage that you take from using Double Edge and you should always carry a TP Scroll.

Boots Choice: 
With Centaur, upgrading boots really isn’t a priority. If you are jungling you should get Tranquil because you get the regeneration to do it and also you can disassemble to get your Hood. Power Treads gives you extra Str for your Return, Phase gives you some speed to help you land your Hoof Stomp. Boots of Travel will save you TP gold.

Strong Extensions:  Drum of Endurance, Radiance, Blink Dagger/Force Staff, Vanguard, Pipe of Insight,  Heart of Terrasque

Drum is a very good upgrade to your bracer, the extra stats and movement speed are very well worth the price.

Radiance is a good item if you can get early. Since Centaur is a hard guy to bring down, enemies will suffer the Radiance burn while doing so.

Initiation items will help you be right in the middle of the fight dealing damage but you already have Stampede to do this so you can get it if you need something extra to chase enemies. Vanguard boosts your survivability but doesn’t boost Return and you already have the regeneration provided by hood. Pipe is a great option against huge nuke damage and its very useful active Barrier, will mitigate a lot of magical damage to you and your allies.

Heart is the best item to boost both your Return and your Stampede, it will further boost your survivability by a lot.

Luxuries: Boots of Travel, Shiva’s Guard, Assault Cuirass, Heaven’s Halberd, 2nd Heart of Terrasque, Ethereal Blade, Blademail

Later in the game, Boots of Travel are a great choice. With a big amount of charges and if you die, you can instantly Teleport into the enemy base to push them or quickly rejoin a fight.

Both Assault Cuirass and Shiva will boost your survivability against physical damage by giving you a big amount of armor. Heaven’s Halberd will boost your survivability with evasion and the very useful Disarm while giving you the extra Str for Return and Stampede.

A second Heart will make you really really hard to kill and will further boost Return and Stampede damage. Although it might be fun to stack more Hearts and watch the enemy Maiden kill herself because she accidentally clicked you, it’s most likely better to get the armor and evasion to maximize your survivability. Satanic is a good alternative since you can get some health back.

Since Centaur can deal a ton of magical damage, Ethereal Blade will boost the damage output by a lot. With your huge hp, you can time Blademail and further punish enemies that attack you.

Centaur Strategy Tips

As Centaur, you can go solo mid, dual or jungle. If you go solo mid, you should get a bottle and use Double Edge and Hoof to push the creepwave and secure the rune with your bottle. In a sidelane you will need ally set up to land your skills but if you can get the right support such as a Shadow Demon or a Disruptor you can easily get kills. While not optimal, Centaur can still jungle with a decent speed due to the Return damage. A trilane with Centaur isn’t recommended because it will delay your experience gain.

If you are jungling you should start by killing the easy camps, do some neutral pulls and stack the hard camp multiple times. When you are level 5 you can easily kill the hard camp with Double Edge, use Edge, back off, when creeps are settled go Edge them again, repeat until they are dead, bring Salves or go to the fountain if necessary. A camp stacked 4 times will offer you about 800gold and 1 or 2 levels.

Hitting Hoof Stomp can be tricky at times because of his casting delay. When you know that the target is already out of range, you can press S to stop casting it and keep the stun and mana to try hitting it again. Sometimes you are better off just using it as a followup stun, if Stampede is on cooldown, this is especially true if you have long range stunners like Sand King on your team, or heroes that can keep enemies immobile for a long period of time (like Naga Siren).

By the time you hit level 7, you are able to kill almost all enemies with your full combo. Cast Stampede, trample an enemy for about 100 damage, Hoof Stomp for another 100 damage, hit 2 times for 150 and them finish them off with 400damage Double Edge.

Besides damaging enemies when they hit you, Return will also work on towers. If your hp is high, you should take aggro from the tower so that it will damage itself, do this by standing as close as possible. Another way to pull tower aggro is to right click an enemy. If your Strength is high enough, you can even backdoor towers when the enemies least expect it.

While Stampede is an excellent spell to win teamfights with, it can also be used to save yourself or allies. Don’t use it just to save a Maiden in the early levels though, its cooldown is really high at level 6.