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Black Ops 2 Score Streaks Guide – How To Unlock

A new feature in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is the score streak. It is basically a modification of the kill streak system of the older parts in the series but this time accomplishing other objectives also adds to the streak. Different objectives have different values to contribute to the streak, meaning certain objectives will reward you more than others.

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Objectives that contribute to the score streak are:

  • Kill
  • Assist
  • Defending a teammate with an Assault Shield
  • Capturing a flag in Domination/Capture the Flag
  • Planting a bomb in Search and Destroy/Demolition/Sabotage
  • Defusing a bomb in Search and Destroy/Demolition/Sabotage
  • Capturing a HQ in Headquarters
  • Destroying a HQ in Headquarters
  • Destroying enemy Score Streak Rewards

The streak can be used to redeem rewards which give you an edge over the competition. Rewards include vehicles, weapons and equipment. Here is a complete list of the Score Streak Rewards available in Black Ops II:

An armored Autonomous Ground Robot with a machine gun and rocket launcher. It searches for and destroys enemies. It can be controlled manually as well. (1000 points).

Counter UAV
Can be called to disable enemy radars for 30 seconds. Can be shot down. (600 points)

Care Package
Air drop a crate containing a random score streak reward. Players who call in the care package can capture it the quickest, followed by allies and finally the enemies have the lowest capture speed. (550 points)

Death Machine
A powerful personal portable mini-gun which only ends when the ammo runs out. (850 points)

A light armored flying automated sentry gun which can be remote controlled. Can be shot down (975 points)

EMP Systems
Call in to disable all enemy electronics including the HUD and the ability to call in Score Streak Rewards for a short time. (1300 points)

Escort Drone
Air support drone which follows you and eliminates any enemies it encounters. (1250 points)

Grants you an area of effect microwave field which slows down enemies and impairs their vision. (650 points)

Hellstorm Missile
Drops bomb which can be scattered while falling for area of effect damage at the expense of accuracy. (700 points)

Hunter Killer
Air support drone which targets the nearest enemy. (525 points)

Canine Unit
Lets out a pack of attack dogs to hunt down your enemies. (1700 points)

Lightning Strike
Calls in a coordinated air strike at three different locations simultaneously. (750 points)

Launch multiple missiles at a manually determined locations. (1500 points)

Orbital VSAT
Reveals enemy location and what direction they are facing in real time. Cannot be destroyed by ground fire. (1200 points)

A small car packed with explosives which can be remote controlled. Can be shot and destroyed from a distance (450 points)

Sentry Gun
An automatic sentry turret which starts shooting at moving enemies. It can also be manually controlled. (800 points)

Stealth Chopper
Circles the map hunting down enemies and it cannot be seen by enemy radar. (1100 points)

Air Support fleet of Hunter Killer drones which searches and destroys enemies on the map. (1900 points)

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle which reveals enemy locations for 30 seconds. Can be shot down. (350 points)

VTOL Warship
Lets you gun down enemies in a powerful VTOL Warship. (1600 points)

War Machine
Grenade launcher with 6 rounds per magazine. Only ends when you run out of ammo. (900 points)

Air strike which strafes a location several times. (1400 points)