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Black Ops 2 Retail Copies May Have Been Shipped With Mass Effect 2 By Mistake

Call of Duty: Black Ops II is probably the most anticipated game this year and has just managed to pull off the blunder of the year as well. In some bizarre packaging mistake, certain retail copies of Black Ops 2 have had their second disc somehow swapped with Mass Effect 2 instead. This retail error has thusfar been restricted to PC users, affecting just the second installation disc.

What’s even more bizarre is that the discs have clearly been printed as Black Ops II discs, and only the data on them is Mass Effect data. So it’s not even a packaging error. Somewhere along the line someone has managed to print these Mass Effect 2 discs with Black Ops II artwork and then package them with the PC copies.

As expected, people aren’t happy with this turn of events. One user has got video footage of this issue in this NSFW YouTube video:

So. What’s the deal Activision? Or is this Treyarch’s fault?

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