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Halo 4 Spartan Ops Episode 1 Guide

Halo 4 has a lot to offer, seriously a lot! There is the thoroughly engaging and engrossing campaign mode of the game which adds another chapter to the story of the protagonist Master Chief. Then there is the competitive multiplayer part of the game with all its maps and modes to keep you occupied for months to come.

If all this wasn’t enough the developers of the game 343 Industries have also released “Spartan Ops” as a free download. These Ops include a four co-op player multiplayer story-centric missions. However, those people who like to take matters in their own hands should follow this guide.

To help you complete these missions all by yourself with as little help from your teammates as possible, read on. So far only one of these episodes have been released and it has five chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Land Grab
  • Chapter 2: Sniper Alley
  • Chapter 3: The Challenge
  • Chapter 4: Sacred
  • Chapter 5: Core

Let’s not waste any more time and dive headfirst into our first episode:

Land Grab
First order of business here is to take charge of the “Ghost” vehicle. Use it to travel forward through the canyon. You need to take left at every fork you see on the path ahead. Furthermore, do not forget to use the agility of your Ghost vehicle to dodge enemy Wraith’s fire.

When combating against the enemy Ghost, simply take out its driver and do not try to destroy the vehicle. Focus all your firepower and your teammate’s fire on the enemy tanks before they can dish out real damage.
Continue driving forward and kill the sniper in the hover tower above.

Clear all the enemas form this area and then focus all your fire to take out the power core to complete your first goal in this mission.

Make your way to the next objective marked red on your map. You will approach an enemy turret. To take it out; first send in one of your teammates. With the turrets fire focused on your teammate, go in and destroy the turret with your Ghost vehicle. Here you need to destroy the second power core.

Continue to make your way towards the next closest target. Once there you need to kill off a wave of enemies. Do not stray far away from your allies, or you will be easy pickings. When facing the enemy wraith try to aim for the guy driving it.

Do no t destroy this enemy vehicle as you will need to mount it once you take out the enemy driver in it. Get off from the Ghost and take charge of the now free Wraith. Use this vehicle effectively in the ensuing skirmish.

Furthermore, you need to use the Wraith to take out the enemy airship. So the importance of acquiring this vehicle is paramount. Finally destroy the third power core and vanquish the last bit of enemy soldiers to complete this episode.

Sniper Alley
Make your way forward on the walkway ahead and kill enemies at a close range. Now you need to take cover behind the railing.

Use your sniper from this position to take out the foes below. Destroy the turret ahead then look beneath the walkway to spot any enemies down below. Take them out and then jump down to their level.

Move forward and utilize the console to deactivate the giant shield barrier. Take cover and snipe the foes in the distance. After that chuck a grenade at where the enemies are clustered together. Once they are eliminated continue forward.

Turn left and move to the next ramp. Kill the approaching enemies to get access to the next platform above. Once you get there, clear out that area from foes. Now again use the marked console to take down the second shield barrier. Gather ammo form the rack in the left corner ahead.

Take cover not to get caught in the enemy airship’s fire. When the airship goes away, make your way to the railing at the front of the platform.

Take cover there and use your sniper to kill the enemies below from this vantage point. Now drop to the ground below and take a right around the corner to enter the canyon area.

Kill the foes hiding among the rocks to your left. Now resume making your way to the next objective marker. It is advised that you stay on the cliffs when navigating through this area. This will give you a goo d vantage point to snipe out the next wave of enemies.

Keep making your way to the next objective marker, and you will come face to face with enemies with shields. You can take them out quickly by well placed sniper shots. Do not forget to loot these guys as they drop heavy weapons like RPGs.

Now return to your high positions on the cliff. Use the sniper/power weapons to take out the large amount of hostiles dropped by the enemy airship. Furthermore, you need to take out the elite firing from the tower, in the distance, then resume making your way forward while killing hostiles.

Get to the marked target behind the tower. Approach it and label it and then retreat to a safe distance when your allies take out the generator via an air strike. Go to the extraction point to end this episode.

The Challenge
Travel across the sandy cliffs to reach their edge. From here, take out the airborne enemies around the fort below you. Once you have done that jump down and make your way to the comm jammer.

Get behind the jammer and deactivate it using its rear panel. After that, resume making your way to the next objective marker across the area.

Go as a single unit with your team to the next objective marker. Whichever target you choose you need to take out the flying watchers above. Best way to destroy them is to snipe them from far away out of their range. Furthermore, you will also need to destroy the turrets.

These are the red glowing orbs. Once you spot them, circle around while firing at them so it is harder for them to hit you. Furthermore, there is a light rifle lying around here, you can grab it to take out the Watchers.
Get on the surrounding ramps in order to get to your next objective markers.

Once there you need to deactivate the arrays under the cover fire of your allies. When you have deactivated all the arrays, make your way to the next objective marker on your map.

There you will be able to turn off the main power before the other team does. Now fight your way to the evacuation zone. Once there clear it of all enemies to end this episode.

Travel forward through the metal ruins and make your way to the corridor ahead to your left. Continue making your way to the objective marker. When you turn the next corner ahead, you will need to kill the wave of crawlers. Best way to do so is with an automatic weapon.

Get in the room ahead and then get on the ramp to the left. Go to the objective marker and then upload the data from there.

Chuck a grenade to take out the next wave of crawlers. Now head back down the ramp you came up from. In the next room use, an automatic weapon as well to take down the next group of foes. Now move forward towards the exit door.

The door will close and now you need to fight off the enemies surrounding you. Head up to the ramp on your right and make your way to the cave on the top. Chuck a grenade to clear out a path ahead.

Utilize the marked consoles to get access to the passages around the corners. Do not forget to collect the ammo from the rack on your right. After that, make your way to the next ledge. From there you can snipe the enemies below.

Remember to kill the flying machines first as they have the ability to resurrect fallen foes. Finish off the remaining targets and then head to the evacuation area in the adjacent corridor on the ledge above to end this episode.

Go down the walkway and enter the cave below. When you get to the fork in the tunnel, turn right. Follow this path to reach the outside area.

Take cover behind the energy shields and from there take out the turret, in the distance, on a ledge. Go across the area ahead while fighting waves of foes to reach the ramp on the right.

Get on the ramp and using your grenade quickly clear the foes in the back right corner on the platform. Activate the structural movement from the marked console nearby. Get to the opposite end of the structure. Fire down on the enemies from the balconies either from the left or right.

On the balconies there will be consoles. Use them to open the doors ahead. Now drop down to the level below. Make your way into the base and finish off another wave of enemies using an automatic weapon. Go up on the ramp on the left to kill the enemies on the top.

Get to the edge of incline ahead to snipe the foes of below. Now move ahead to get to the next objective marker. Use the consoles to shut down the shields. Now go to the opposite end of the area and go through the gaps in the rock wall.

First now you need to take out the flying foes to stop them from resurrecting their comrades. Kill all the enemies in front of the structure and on the top of the ramp to the right as well. After that go up to the incline and approach the next indicated console.

Now that you have revealed the artifact you will need to it from oncoming hostiles. Utilize the weapons provided in the setting around you to do this job until the evac ship arrives to end this episode.