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Confirmed: Mass Effect 4 Will Use Frosbite Engine

Gentlemen (and lady?), commence your cooing, for it has been confirmed – Mass Effect 3 will be built on the Frosbite engine that was featured in Battlefield 3.

According to Yanick Roy, the senior developer behind Mass Effect 4, this new engine will do much more than just make the game ultra pretty.

The fine fellows making Dragon Age III have pioneered some new features that ME4 will take advantage of. While he didn’t mention anything specific, it was implied that the gameplay will be going in a new direction as a result.

Fear not, though – Yanick did assure us that the foundations of the series will still remain. So you won’t be missing out on that fine, cinematic storytelling that spans across an entire galaxy, filled with all kinds of diverse alien races.

Though, there was one bit if bad news – there won’t be much ME4 news for a while, as the team bunkers down to focus on making a great game.

Source: Bioware Blog