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Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Guide – High IQ Achievement / Trophy

Finding all the locations of the hidden Intel for the Call of Duty games has always been a pain, but fear not! For we here at Segmentnext have come through for you and bring Intel… on the Intel.

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Black Ops 2 Intel Locations

Mission: Pyrrhic Victory

  • There are 3 pieces of intelligence in this mission, the first is found right in the beginning of the mission when you are given the objective to kill the mortar teams. Scan the horizon and you should see a large tree with two large boulders next to it near the smoking wreck of a truck. Approach the truck and look in the craters made by the mortar shells around, you will find the first piece of intel in one.
  • The second intel will be found a bit later, when you board a boat. Use the ladder near the back to get to the upper deck, and then search all the corners thoroughly to find the little gizmo.
  • When you’re in the forest, there will be a section where you need to retreat from a village. In this area, there are two sniper towers, one near an ammo supply and the other a bit to the side. The Intelligence is on top of the second tower.

Mission: Celerium

  • When you come to the part where you find two drones (and destroy one of them) you’ll be told to board the second. Instead, you should search around the wall to the left of the drone for a small room; the intel can be found inside.
  • Once inside the facility, you’ll eventually enter a room with a rather large set of stairs in front of you taking you to the upper level of the room. Ignore the stairs for now and enter the office to your left, you’ll find the intelligence next to a monitor screen.
  • After you meet a scientist and get into a big gunfight, proceed to the next room (where the bad guys came from) and scan the desks. The intelligence is sitting on top of one of them.

Mission: Old Wounds

  • Right in the beginning of the mission instead of leaving the cave look left, and you’ll find the intelligence on top of some brown crates near three dudes.
  • Later when you leave the base on your horse and ride through the canyon, you’ll come across a large pointed rock formation in the middle of the canyon. The intelligence is located next to a flag near the base of the rock.
  • When the time comes to take back an ammo cache look around the ground near the entrance of a cave to the right of the area to find the third piece of Intel for the mission.

Mission: Time and Fate

  • When you find a large barn look around the end of it to find a cart with many bales of hay stacked nearby. The Intel can be found on the cart.
  • During the assault on the house, you’ll come across a set of white stairs with a bell tower to their right. Climb the ladder inside this tower and you’ll find the intelligence halfway up.
  • The last piece of Intel can be found in the cocaine room. Find the little room near the back to the left of the hallway and the recording can be found on top of a bench next to a bucket.

Mission: Fallen Angel

  • Right at the start you’ll find yourself in a semi-flooded room. Look to the right to see some shelves, the Intel is on the lowest shelf, just above the waterline.
  • After the section with the bus, look for the small alley to the right after the bus. Look around on the ground on the left side of the alley to find the gizmo.
  • After sneaking your way past the drone and onto the flooded street, you’ll enter a ruined building that is slightly tilted and leaning against its neighbor. The Intel is in this building.

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Mission: Karma

  • Once you use the retina scan to open the main CRC server room, there will be a smaller workstation with a computer a bit to the right. The Intelligence is on the desk.
  • In the mall, there is a lady’s clothing store on the lower floor called d’HO; you’ll find the Intel behind the two computers on the main desk.
  • After you exit the mall, there are a number of routes you can take due to the openness of the new area, but head towards the swimming pools to find a bar in the middle of one. The bar will either get destroyed or already be destroyed depending on when you get there. Pass the bar on from its left side then immediately take the path on the right. You will find a stand with a computer on it, and the Intel next to the computer.

Mission: Suffer With Me

  • After coming through the skylight and the gunfight take the walkway on the side of the room past some barrels and crates and enter a room with some steel shelves, the Intel is found on one of these.
  • When you’re escorting the prisoner, you will get to a church. Stand in front of the church at about 70 meters from the checkpoint and go through the cracked wall to the left. You’ll find the Intel on the counter before you.
  • When you enter the hospital, check the room up ahead before you run after Mason. There is a piece of Intel on the counter/table.

Mission: Achilles’ Veil

  • In the beginning of the mission head down to the far-right side of the courtyard, there is a staircase to the left here that leads to a room filled with cushions. The Intel is here on the ground.
  • After the part with the choice when you retake control of Section follow the quadrotors until we reach a heavily fortified street. Advance through the buildings on the left side and in the first building check behind the ammo crates here for the second piece of Intel.
  • After the street with the machine gun, you come to an area with cliffs and lots of dust. You will find a small building with a large gas tank on the roof; the piece of Intel is right next to the tank.

Mission: Odysseus

  • When you fight your way to the bridge, Admiral Briggs will order you to disable the turrets. You will find the Intel here on the right side of the outside section of the bridge, on the desk near the windows.
  • In the section where you play as Raul you’ll fight your way to a small room where you need to head down some stairs with some red pipe. To the right of these stairs is a small raised room. The Intel is out in the open on a table at this small area.
  • After you’ve reached the flight deck you’ll find two open VTOLs. Enter the one that’s further away, and you’ll see the Intel.

Mission: Cordis Die

  • Early in this mission you will be given the choice to either rappel down or snipe the enemies. Once you’re on the ground follow the objectives, keeping a close eye on the wrecked cars on the road. Look for a destroyed and burning SUV, the Intel is on the ground behind it.
  • After you get ambushed following the car crash, you’ll see a hotel on the left side of the street with some hotdog stands out front. The Intel is on the reception desk of this hotel.
  • You’ll enter Plaza Downtown after destroying the second CLAW unit. On the left side of the plaza is a mall, enter it and head upstairs. On the right is a small shop called Wes’s Favorite T Shirts, scan the shelves to find the Intel.

Mission: Judgment Day

  • When you get to the open area outside the large building look around for a dark bluish building labeled ‘27’ (there is a large grey eight wheeler truck with rocket pods on its roof outside it). Head up the stairs inside and immediately turn right to find the Intel on top of a computer desk.
  • When you’re approaching the smaller control room, you’ll pass through a big room with many stairs and screens. As you’re going up the stairs check the desks on the left side, one of them has the Intel on it.
  • While you’re after Menendez, you’ll come across a large octagonal server room. This room has multiple floors and the floor below is very dark. The Intel can be found on some crates in this dark area.

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