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8 Million Minecraft Sales

Minecraft has now surpassed the 8 million sales mark, confirmed earlier today by PCGamesN and Notch himself on Twitter.

What’s more impressive, that’s just the sales figures on the PC version. Xbox version sales haven’t been added yet, nor have the mobile edition sales. That’s like an 8x Platinum record sale. I can only imagine the sheer number of blocks that have been destroyed by those 8 million users.

Mojang and their world-famous game, Minecraft, have been on the rise ever since the initial alpha build launched all the way back in 2009. Minecraft has become so synonymous with gamers and gaming culture, that it can be considered a true phenomenon of the gaming community and world in general.

So, are you still playing Minecraft on your PC or laptop? Got any super-rad creations you want to share with the world?