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Ubisoft Eager To Get Full Games on Wii U eShop

Like Nintendo, Ubisoft is joining the campaign to get as many games available to the customer at all times in the form of digital purchases.

Nintendo has already expressed their keenness to publish games digitally and have announced that full Wii U titles will be available as digital purchases from launch day.

Yves Guillemot let us know Ubisoft’s stance on Wii U digital titles recently in an interview with Polygon when asked about digital purchases.

As soon as it’s possible, we will do it

Guilllemot didn’t go into too many details, so things such as pricing or availability were left up in the air Without a solid timeframe either, we don’t know if Ubisoft titles will be available on the eShop at launch or if it will be at a later date.

One thing that was revealed was that it’s likely that Ubisoft’s Uplay service will be integrated into their games on the Wii U. Uplay is infamous in the PC gaming crowd for creating hassle and problems in an attempt to prevent piracy, but whether that’s the case or not for the Wii U remains to be seen.

Nintendo has been very open to us and allowed us to use our systems to communicate with our customers