Halo 4 Armor Sets Unlock Guide

What would a Spartan be without his armor? and you know it is important when you are up against other Spartans in Halo 4 multiplayer. Read this Halo 4 Armor Sets Unlock guide to choose which one suits your style best.

Halo 4 Armor Sets Unlock

You can Unlock Armor Sets/Pieces by increasing your SR (Spartan Rank) which increases slowly over time as you earn more XP. Completing the single-player campaign can reward you some armor pieces.

You can also make use of the specialization progression to unlock some of these defensive suits. Now Let’s have a look which armor pieces can be unlocked in different ways:

Unlocks Through Rank Progression

Recruit Armor
You will have it as a starting armor.

You will have to rank up to 8 (spartan rank).

Air Assault
You can Air Assault Armor after you have reached Rank 11.

To look like a soldier, Rank 15 is the requirement.

Aviator armor will be unlocked at rank 17.

You can unlock it at rank 21.

The Recon armor will be made available at rank 26.

You can unlock it after you have reached rank 27.

SR 37 is the requirement to unlock this armor.

Rank up to SR 38 and you will have this armor.

Unlock it at rank SR 41.

Rank up to SR-42 to unlock it.

Reach SR 43 level to unlock the Hazop armor.

SR 45 level is the requirement to unlock it.

To go Oceanic, you will have to reach level 47

After you have reached SR 50, you can have this armor.

Unlocks Through Accommodations

Mark VI
Complete the campaign on Legendary (Solo or Co-op) online.

Completing Dominion Victory Master

Completing Slayer Victory Master

Completing Spartan Slayer Master with 2400 Kill Medals

Completing Combat Opportunity Master with 500 medals

Completing Assassin Master with 50 Assassination medals.

Completing UNSC Load out Master

Completing Hail of Death Master with 60 ordinance drops

Infiltrator TRAC
Completing Multikill Master with 500 medals

Defender CTRL
Completing Bullet in the Brain Master with 1600 Headshot medals

Soldier ZNTH
Killing Spree Master with 400 killing spree medals

Recon Surge
Completing Covenant Load out Master

Warrior Matrix
Completing Forerunner Load out Master

Enforcer Tribal
Completing Turret Master with 250 kills with turret

Protector Drift
Completing Weapon Master

Orbital AEON
Completing Covenant Destroyer

Aviator Bond
Completing Wheelman Master with 500 medals

Air Assault Verg
Completing Vehicle Master

Venator Raptor
Completing Backstab Master with 100 assassination medals (campaign)

Ranger STRK
Completing Protector Master with 100 protector medals

EOD Shadow
Completing Hail to the king Master

Vanguard Converge
Completing Flag Victory Master

Scout APEX
Completing Oddball Victory Master

Commando FRCT
Completing Flood Victory Master

Contoured Arms CHVR
Completing Perfection Master

Recruit Legs Tiger
Completing Exterminator Master with 18 extermination medals

Twin-Plated AEON
Completing Close Quarters Master with 1000 close quarter medals

Contoured Legs CHVR
Completing Payback Master with 1000 revenge medals


It’s your starting stance.

Get to SR 10 to unlock it.

SR 32 is the requirement to unlock this armor.

Last Stand
You need to level up to 50 to get this stance.

Be the UNSC Weapons Master and you can unlock the Breach.

Earn covenant Ordnance Mastery to unlock it.

Forerunner Ordnance Mastery is the requirement to unlock it.

Get to the first strike master to unlock this stance.


Visor Recruit (Blue)
It’s your starting equipment.

Visor Solar (Red)
Unlock it at SR 20.

Visor Frost (White)
Unlock it at SR 29.

Visor Midnight (Black)
Get it unlocked at SR 46.

Visor Legendary (Gold)
You need to complete the campaign on Legendary difficulty regardless you play it solo or co-op.

Visor Blindside (Dark Red)
You need to be an Avenger Master to unlock this visor.

Visor Cyan (Light Blue)
You can have it after you are From the Brink Master.

Visor Verdant (Green)
Be a Splatter Master to unlock it.

Visor Sunspot (Purple & Blue)
Want to go purple? Be an Assistant Master to get it as a reward.

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