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Zynga Aquires November Software – New Mid-core Game Announced

Zynga has recently revealed that it acquired game developer November Software back in Spring this year, before all the lay offs and game shut downs.

The acquisition was part of Zynga’s move into other potentially lucrative territories, and naturally, Zynga has announced a new mid-core game titled, Battlestone. The teams are a mix of developers from Lucas Arts, EA and the original team behind Mafia Wars.

Szymon Swistun, co-founder of November explained the reason for joing Zynga on Zynga’s blog:

Speaking with the folks at Zynga, we were immediately blown away with the conviction and energy they had about making kick-ass mobile games that leave a strong, memorable impression on players. We realized we could accelerate game development by combining our team’s expertise building blockbuster console games and Zynga’s strength in building social games on a massive scale.

This might prove to be a move in the right direction and alleviate Zynga from its current situation.