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Massive Racing Games Sale Going On The PSN – Don’t Miss It

The Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is coming out after two weeks. In order to celebrate the launch of their highly anticipated title, Sony has a little something special planned for their gamers. In the two weeks preceding the launch of Playstation All-Stars Sony is offering all sorts of discounts in the Playstation store.

These discounts are not only unique to the games in which the characters from the Playstation All-Stars have previously starred in but also apply to various other games following a particular theme. For example, currently Sony is offering a massive sale on nearly all the racing titles on the PSN store. Keep in mind that the discount on these racing titles will last only until the 14th of November. However, the rest of this massive sale will go on until the 20th of this month.

You can list all the discounts being offered right now here.