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God of War: Ascension Trailer Shows The Power Of Ares

A few weeks ago we reported on some God of War footage that highlighted the benefits of worshipping Zeus while in the multiplayer, and now it seems it’s Ares’ turn.

This new trailer by Santa Monica Studios and Sony (courtesy of Gametrailers) educates us on why picking the actual God of War as our patron deity is a good idea when fighting in an actual war.

Ares awards his champions with massively increased attack, as players will have skills that boost their damage both instantly and on subsequent attacks. As you can see in the trailer this kind of alignment is suited towards a berserker type of play style (the announcer himself mentions that his warriors don’t have the kind of endurance others do).

Have you already made a decision on which god to take for your patron? Will it be Zeus, Ares, Hades or Poseidon? I’m still waiting to see what Hades lets me pull off but Ares looks interesting.