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Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes Free-to-Play From November 15

Star Wars: The Old Republic is finally going Free2Play Thursday, November15th.

With the Free2Play option you can download the game and play from 1-50 completely for free. This seems strange to me, considering that the story is by and large the best part of the game. I suspect that many people will dine and dash once they hit 50, having paid for nothing. Indeed quitting at 50 was the modus operandi for most people who bought the game and was the reason that they’re doing this whole Free2Play thing in the first place.

I suspect that they plan to now make money off of the Cartel Packs, which are tantamount to gambling, seeing as how you can only unlock super rare items through the packs, at the cost of real money. Oh, and you’ll also need to pay to be able to equip purple (artifact) items – be it through subscription, or actually purchasing said items through the use of real money.