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Metacritics Users Give Halo 4 Overwhelming Amounts of Negative Reviews

Halo 4 was almost universally praised by critics, receiving 87 out of 100 from meta critics based on 70 reviews, only two of which were not positive. Games Radar gave it a 4.5 out of 5. GameSpot gave it a 9 on top of it being editor’s choice.

The game was not only a visual upgrade for the Halo series; it brought enough new elements while maintaining the old ones to make it a successful addition to the series.

343i proved that they didn’t need Bungie to make a new Halo. Not everyone, however, shares this opinion as proved by the user reviews on Metacritic. In stark contrast to the critic reviews, the user reviews averaged out to 5.6 with 72 negative reviews, albeit in opposition to 226 positive reviews.

Interestingly, the visuals, of all things, somehow failed to impress some of the 72 users. Other reviews were too brief and dismissive to actually provide a reason for the score or just did not make sense. The rest of the reviewers complained about everything from Cortana’s new look to the enemy A.I to the weapons and vehicles.