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GTA 5: B-Dup Is Back, According To Rapper ‘The Game’

Could we be seeing the possible reappearance of Mark “B-Dup” Wayne from San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto 5?

Rapper ‘The Game’ has revealed to Wired 96.5 that he has done some work for the latest entry in the GTA series.

They [Rockstar] called man, and we did a little bit of work with them.

After which he referenced B-Dup from San Andreas. The Game who also voiced the character in San Andreas has seemingly revealed the reappearance of B-Dup in GTA 5.

What’s being called ‘the GTA 5 information blowout’ will happen later today through GameInformer’s latest issue, which contains a preview of GTA 5.

Expect a lot of breakdowns of the storyline, gameplay, characters and loads of screenshots. Rockstar also has promised a second trailer for the game which will be released next week on November 14.