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Elder Scrolls Online: 9 Minute Introductory Preview Released

Zenimax Online Studios have released a nine-minute preview clip of Elder Scrolls Online. The video looks to introduce the game to a wider audience, featuring game footage and interview excerpts from the developers themselves.

The footage includes PvP and PvE action, while the interview excerpts are from creative director Paul Sage and lead designer Nick Konkle. Alongside you’ll get a look at the game’s combat system, exploration-based content and more.

This documentary-styled video will not be the last one, and it will be followed by many more, as reminded by the firm.

Say hello to Elder Scrolls Online below. For more information, you can head over to the official site,

A release date window of 2013 has been cited, but a specific date is unknown. Bethesda will only be publishing the game which will head for the PC and Mac platforms.