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Dead Space 3: Producer Talks About Multiplayer Make-Over

While the first two Dead Space titles followed a similar theme, Dead Space 3 looks to break that barrier…but only by a bit. Scheduled for release in February of 2013, the game’s producer Steve Papoutsis sat down with Sony’s blog to talk on the game, specifically the multiplayer make-over.

The producer said that the development team wanted to bring a unique aspect to the game’s multiplayer co-op.

With our co-op we wanted to make sure that whatever we did felt unique. We didn’t just want to have an AI bot follow the player around and then when you hit a button someone starts controlling that guy. That wouldn’t feel like Dead Space.

Speaking about the inclusion of John Carver’s character Papoutsis said:

We first announced John Carver through a graphic novel, so he has his own unique personality and backstory. So when you get into the game he actually brings value to what’s going on. You learn about him and his own personal demons. That’s very different, and we feel it’s very innovative.

Rest of the interview that followed had Papoutsis talk about the scare department. On being asked if it was hard work creating the ‘scare’ factor in the game, the producer replied:

It’s very subjective. We don’t have a magic formula. We take our best guess at what will resonate with players. For us, it’s usually things that are relatable. Look at the character design of the necromorphs – they’re humanoid. You can relate to a guy who doesn’t have a jaw and has weird spikes sticking out of his arm. You can imagine ‘Ooh, that would be terribly painful!’ You can react to that.