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CryEngine 3 Game, Abduction – A Fire in the Sky

There have been a lot of mods ever since Crytech decided to make the CryEngine 3 free. One of the recent ones is a game called Abduction – A Fire in the Sky. Developed by a modder by the name of Dark12345, it will be a stealth game with, by the looks of it, really neat mechanics. Dark12345 described the gameplay and development on the Crydev forum.

The player must use the coat of the darkness to maneuver and kill their enemies. Players can set traps, rig rooms, spy on foes and gain information to help progress through the game.

Coming soon..
More advanced AI.
Distraction System.
High quality cinematics.
Custom Textures.
Custom Player model and textures.

Things being currently fixed:
General cleanliness of the map and look.
Textures missing(Does anybody know how to resolve(Replace Me) error?)
Overall sound.
Energy and feel to the map.
Terrain was made in Mudbox and Worldmachine.
All assets are stock Crysis 2 & Crysis 1 Mod SDK assets.

The trailer promises impressive graphics as expected by CryEngine 3 and classic stealth game mechanics such as assassinating from above, silenced pistols, shooting lights, hiding in shadows, etc. With more in development, this could be a really impressive mod.