Bethesda: New Skyrim Content Coming For PS3 & PC

A recent tweet by Bethesda Game Studios tells that the company is close to releasing new Skyrim content on the PS3 and PC.

It’s unclear as to whether Bethesda’s tweet is referring to the upcoming new Dragonborn DLC or the previous Dawnguard expansion. Dragonborne was announced to be released on the Xbox 360 first which gives Bethesda more time to come up with a release for the PS3.

Previously, Bethesda confessed to facing problems when bringing the newer DLCs to Sony’s console. The PS3 still hasn’t received the Dawnguard expansion, and fans speculate that the Dragonborn one won’t come either.

The tweet suggests new content for the PC and PS3. Perhaps the studio plans to skip out on Dawnguard and release Dragonborn for all.

If you didn’t know, then the latest DLC to come features mountable dragons, yes you read it correct, mountable dragons Players can even cast their spells while riding.